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Home Page
Christian Apologetics and Debate
Superiority of Jesus
Prophesy Prediction Pattern
Paradox and Truth
End of Faith
Christianity as the Highest Religion
Moralistic Nature of Christianity
Validity of Biblical Text
Legislating Sexuality
Spiritual Authority of the Bible
Supreme Court and Religion
Resist Not Evil People
Good and Evil Distinction
Jesus and War
Vision for America
Abuse Alleged
Global Warming
Culture War
Book Outline
Book Prologue
Book Preface
Book Introduction
Lake Woebegon
High Stakes
Cheneys Daughter
World Situation
Patriot Act
Religion and Tyranny
Responsible Technology
Right to Privacy
Faith versus Works
Iraq News
Iraq Abuses
Prelude to WWIII
Iraq Capitalism
Iraq War Facts Response
Iraq War Facts
Depleted Uranium Weapons
Social Security, The Problem
Social Security Part 4
Social Security, Part 3
Social Security Part 2
Freedom of Speech
Judicial System & Godliness
Support Letter
NRA Correspondence
Pro Life Positions
Bible & Homosexualty
Moral Superiority of Christianity
Fair Trade
Oregonian Interview
Oregon Voter Pamphlet
War on Terror
18 Min Speech
3 Minute Speech
8 Minute Speech
Patient Letter
15 Minute Speech
Salem Statesman Journal Questionnaire
Oregon League of Women's Voters Guide
Philosophical Foundation
Militant Islamic Threat
Creation vs Evolution
Militant Islamic Verses
Beheading Video Counsel
America as a Christian Nation
Homosexual Marriage
Christian Legislation
Church State Bill
Reverse Church/State
Legislating Morality
Supreme Court Coup
Market Forces
Bible & Sexuality
Church & State
Personal Philosophy
Personal Background
Biblical Education
A New Era
Health Care
Roadmap to a New ERA
Constitution Restoration Act HR 3799
Foreign Aid
Moral Motivation
Societal Vision
Problems & Threats
First Amendment
Founders on Judicial Tyranny
Patrick Henry
John Adams
James Madison
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
Joseph Story
George Washington
Alexis deTocqueville
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