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  Social Security, Part 2 -- Piracy of a Culture  

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The Left as a Force for Instituting a Secular Humanist State:

By: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND


This NYT editorial promotes a lie while inadvertently exposing the perverse ethics and propaganda strategy of the Left wing media audio-visual-print complex, the Democratic Party, and the army of administrative bureaucrats.  This entire entourage of cultural crusaders for secular humanism has committed itself to establishing a new philosophic base for America.  They demand a Separation of Church and State, while they aggressively seeks to institute their own religion of humanism under the guise of instituting a secular state free from the influence of religion.  This cabal has entered the control room of the democratic state and usurped the levers of power.  They have targeted the media-education system as their primary tool for influencing the culture, having rightly assessed the information promulgation system as the most vulnerable aspect of the democratic state.  They have proceeded far into their voter-executed coup.  With the media-education complex as the propaganda arm of their revolution, they will lawfully pirate the government and culture by persuading the majority to vote for their own imprisonment.


Within the population we perceive a dynamic tension between the advocates of a God with Absolute standards, and those who believe in the supremacy of man's relativistic judgments.  The iconic issues that symbolize the culture war include: Homosexual "Marriage", the Right to Abortion, Cloning for organ harvest, and the Right to Die.  If we legislate these anti-God standards into the American system of government, they will not by themselves produce the final blow to the civilization and precipitate an immediate collapse.  But, they will harden and shape the group spirit against the God of Abraham and the teachings of Jesus.  In turn God will not bless us nor protect us as deeply -- we will therefore continue to lower our hedge of protection against the random forces of destruction.  And, at some point God will allow terror and slavery to confront His rebellious children. 


The general national sentiment supports the right of the New York Times to publish lies about the state of Social Security.  We believe that the Constitution provides for a robust protection of the Freedom of the Press and Speech.  As a nation we want to preserve honest debate about all the implications of policy choices and philosophical perspectives.  But, by protecting purposefully seditious, destructive, and false speech we risk falling prey to the lies.  A nation of righteous men will easily discern the error, and such a nation will have sufficient media control to refute the lies.  But a nation which has been seduced by the incremental lies, arguments, and half truths of the rebels against God will have no will, nor the media resources to combat the cultural drift.


We cannot solve the problem of the propagation of media error by simply legislating punishment.  The problem is one of standards.  Until we have a standard of Absolute Truth against which we measure the fidelity of information, we will simply engage in an exercise of judgment based on majority opinion or ruling class edict.  The opinions of man are fallible and subject to debate and long experiment to determine their ultimate result.  And while no one knows for sure the mind and will of God in any situation, nevertheless, when a society is biased toward a Christian worldview, the opinion and judgments of the people will more likely correspond to the Lord's will and way.  Likewise, a society whose God is the Lord will receive supernatural favor and the blessings of God, which the common man may see as simply unexpected good fortune, luck, and coincidence.     


In a Godly society, we need not prosecute falsehood propagated in the Press.  The outcry from the informed public would be strong in their clarification and correction of the facts.  Likewise, errors of philosophy would be confronted and compared with a Christian ethic.  The editors, being Godly men and committed to speaking only truth and patterning the society after the Kingdom of Heaven, would give sufficient space and attention to the error to repattern the public's perceptions in the ways of righteousness. 


Manifestly untrue speech deserves strong rebuttal by the same media organ that published the original error.  But, when a media outlet has committed itself to a lie, the correction can only come from competing media outlets.  Such a competition of ideas supposedly provides an adequate balance in the ideal Adam Smith-like Free Market of ideas.  But, the "invisible hand of the market" theory does not include a consideration for the erroneously tastes and passions of man. 


Man can embrace any error of thought or moral ethic if he chooses to build an edifice of selective facts and reason around it.  As a result, those who choose to ally with the lie will continue to follow that error even in the face of competing ideas which prove the error of that position.  This is the problem in Big City America, the culture war has already been lost.  The education-media establishment has pursued a long held strategy of removing all references to our Christian heritage and replacing the Judeo-Christian ethic with a new age, secular humanistic worldview.  The monopolistic-lockstep media-education establishment has fed its secular humanist indoctrination to the big city masses.  And, with the judicial activisim, and the legislative slide toward acquiescing to the big city votes, the laws and rulings have prevented the perpetuation of our Christian heritage in the public schools.  The public schooling system has become the week-long Sunday School of the secular humanist church.  The ACLU has argued its plausibly true thesis of separation of Church and State, and the legislature and judiciary have supported their anti-Christian agenda in the name of Constitutional authority.  The conservative, Christian, traditional morality media has been squeezed out of Big City America because of the reduction in the ranks of Godly men with discriminating eyes.  Thus, the normal regulatory function of competition has been neutralized by the secular humanist conversion of the masses.  As a result, the populated centers of America are now filled with Democrats, Blue State/County/City followers of the new religion of man, with its supreme virtues of tolerance, choice, diversity, and equality.


The right to Free Speech and Press was established to ensure that the non-incumbent ideology be fairly considered in the cultural policy debate.  Every person's honest perspective deserves consideration in that debate, but realistically only those few who have risen into the media-governmental limeline will get signficant exposure.  Thus, when the government and/or media establishment supports a knowingly false perspective, it will skew the democratically determined consensus in favor of destructive policies.  A nation cannot survive on a lie forever without suffering.  If We the People continue in our embrace of erroneous thinking and concepts of reality, we will progressively establish error into the organizing structures of our group systems.  The resultant tyranny of an unGodly governmental rule will chasten us. 


The lies about Social Security are simply one of the many falling timbers that weaken our national edifice.  People who reject God's Truth will find their eyes blinded and their minds and unable to distinguish the patterns of error in other realms of individual and social interaction.  Punishment for our error will follow automatically since we will install a system inferior to God's true, fair, pleasant, and sustainable systems of government, commerce, and relationship.  Those who rebel against God (e.g. often because of His restrictions on sexual expression, or pride in our own power) are attempting to establish a humanistic moral paradigm where man's judgment reigns supreme.  But, this vain attempt at personal godhood will fail as they attempt to eliminate the problems of poverty and war using human wisdom.  These servants of the humanistic leviathan believe their ways and ends are superior to God's.  Thus, they justify the use of lies when it suits the purpose of advancing their agenda.  The Social Security Trust Fund is one example of their lies.  We can be assured that the promotion of the Social Secuity lie serves their ultimate goals, since any lie broadly embraced will produce destruction in some way and serve the goals of advancing Satan's kingdom.  


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