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  Salem Statesman Journal Questionnaire  



Salem Statesman Journal

Interview, 3/31/2004

Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Candidate: US Senate (R) 2004, May 18th Primary


Note: Responses modified for posting on web


1. Describe your solutions to the three most important national issues you would address in Congress:

  • A. Moral Crisis: Our nation was founded as a Christian Nation.  In 1947, in the Everson v. Board of Education case, the Supreme Court made a ruling and set the false precedent & interpretation that the Constitution requires a Separation between Church and State.  As a result, our government now passes laws without discussing the wisdom of legislation in light of Biblical principles.  The courts are increasingly demanding that public assemblies not engage in prayer, Bible reading, displays of the 10 Commandments, or other expressions of faith. 
  • Thomas Jefferson first coined the phrase "Separation of Church and State" in a private letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802.  According to the First amendment, Congress is prohibited from establishing a State Religion.  But, our Founders who wrote the First Amendment engaged in blatant acts of Christian education, charity, and worship.  Their writings were clear expressions of their desire to create a Christian Nation.  
  • There is a distinction between Congress establishing a state religion and Congress or the States supporting particular religious activities such as school prayer, Bible reading, and the display of religious scriptures or icons.  The Founders intended to include Christianity in the fabric of everyday society (e.g. education and business)
  • We should debate and pass law based upon Christian Principles as our Founders intended.  This will bring society back under favor with God.  Our economy can be blessed from heaven when we are obedient to His ways.  Our stand on moral issues such as homosexual marriage in Oregon is placing us at odds with God.
  • Solution: I will support HR 3799, the Constitutional Restoration Act of 2004, which will remove the Court’s jurisdiction to rule in matters relating to God.  I will likewise introduce a Senate Bill to reverse the 1947 Supreme Court ruling, Everson v. Board of Education.  The Founders had not intended it, their actions were opposite to this, and for 171 years the nation had acted in a manner opposite to this principle.  This ruling was the product of judicial activism and the equivalent of a Constitutional Amendment passed unilaterally after the discussion of 9 men.  Our nation must be restored to its right and intended relationship with God.  We need to engage in a national conversation that illuminates the fact that we are a Christian Nation, and that the Constitution was intended to support the inclusion of Christian principles in every phase of life.   
  • B. Economic Crisis: The differential in domestic vs. overseas production costs is sufficiently large that corporations have found it profitable to export our manufacturing capacity and hire workers in other countries.  This exodus will leave us vulnerable and poor. 
  • Solution: We should establish appropriate Fair Trade policies to level the playing field with foreign industry.  Government has taxed and regulated American industry to insure worker safety, and to provide benefits, while also protecting the environment.  This overhead, unless applied equally to industries overseas, adds an unfair competitive burden onto American industry.  America must meet price and quality parity with other countries which do not require their industries to protect workers and the environment.  As a minimum, tariffs must equalize the inequity corresponding to the regulatory burden associated with worker welfare and environmental protection.  Each case should be judged on its own merit, considering the impact at home, abroad, and upon national security.  If the terms of GATT and NAFTA need to be revisited, then we must pursue this relief.
  • C. Ineffective Governmental Leadership: We are facing many problems in our society which are being poorly addressed or avoided, for example: the Midwest Aquifer depletion, the Southwest/Southeast drought; cancer in 1:3 people during lifetime; global warming; pesticide and fertilizer runoff; obesity; drug addiction; illegal immigration; terrorism; Judicial Activism; the cost of end of life care, etc.
  • Solution: As legislators, we can only pass laws which regulate the actions of society.  The movement of society in response to law reflects our character as law abiding people, and our fear of the enforcement consequences of disobedience.
  • Legislature should be limited to spending a fixed percentage of the national productivity on the group purchases.  Agencies, Departments, and Bureaucracies are in general responsible for overseeing those purchases and enforcement of regulations of behavior. 
  • The Agencies, Departments, and Bureaucracies should focus a significant portion of their administrative energy and effort on gathering, posting, and analyzing data.  Agencies should provide an authoritative and comprehensive resource for industry, government, and individuals to make decisions. We must have a feedback mechanism to monitor problems and the efficacy of our solutions.  Industry, medicine, and government already collect data on many of their financial and productive activities.  This information should be made public and anonymous.  As a society, we should track the progress and outcome of every industry.  Public opinion and social pressure based on a factual knowledge of experimental outcome should be the primary tools of enforcement.  With accurate knowledge it is possible to apply appropriate modifications in an effort to reflect God’s optimum social configuration.

2. Describe your solutions to the three most important Oregon issues you would address in Congress:


A. Jobs/Economy:

  • Reduce the taxes and regulatory costs on business so as to be competitive with other states.  Make Oregon business friendly.  Establish solar, wind, biomass, and hydrogen manufacturing as the new High Tech industries of the Northwest. Oregon will be one of the States participating in Nation Building investment efforts, and as such will be a beneficiary of increased employment associated with meeting this need for production.

B. Forests & Land Management:

  • The forests and lands of Oregon have been mismanaged by misguided environmental concepts.  We are now seeing massive forest burns unparalleled in recorded history.  The high desert forests need to be cleared out to a density where light can reach the forest floor by removing scrub trees and underbrush.  Regular burns conducted to remove the pine needles and low brush should be done regularly to prevent a hot and high fire, and done after a spring rain to dampen the fire's intensity.  Scrub trees and undergrowth transpire heavily, and will cause the local water table.  springs and creeks to dry up due to the excessive water loss into the air.  When the scrub trees and needles are removed, grass will grow on the forest floor and retain the water, and the springs and creeks will return.  Large herbivores like cattle, elk, deer, and goats should be allowed to graze in the forests to prevent the underbrush from growing and to aerate and fertilize the soil by walking and laying down digested plant waste.  Wolves, bears, cougar, and other large carnivores should be hunted with dogs or whatever method is most effective to reduce their population to levels which will not excessively deplete the elk, deer, and moose population.  We are to be masters of nature and mange nature, not be subject to its wildness.

C. The Oregon Health Plan:

  • The Oregon Health Plan is an endless and potentially unlimited drain on the State’s taxpayers.  The system is a Single Payer Socialized Medicine system.  Its size is only limited by the amount of money that is allocated for its use.  It is a good and compassionate system to help people in need.  But, the good done for one segment of society must be balanced against the burden on those who are giving that gift.  We can be sure that for the foreseeable future, the poor will continue to be with us.  Likewise, given the lifestyle and stresses of the poor, their needs for healthcare and rehabilitation will probably be greater than the needs of the middle and upper class population. 
  • Solution #1: Given the problem of limited resources and unlimited needs, we must simply decide what percentage of the budget we wish to dedicate to our socialized/welfare medical program.  A total budget for National, State, and Local expenditures of about 20% of the total net income of all persons and businesses should define the limit on spending. 
  • If we as a society wish to provide more healthcare or other maintenance welfare assistance to the needy, the only realistic solution is to increase the economic output of the nation.  With increased production, an increased amount of taxes can be collected from individuals and business and more resources can be responsibly allocated to the poor and needy.   In a sufficiently productive economy, there is adequate production of goods and services to meet the needs of those who are unproductive.
  • Solution #2: In addition to creating a highly productive and profitable tax base, I believe the sick and poor among us should be under the care and counsel of the Church.  Those who are sick in body often need counsel in righteousness.  The issues of the body are often strongly linked to issues of the soul.
  • In addition to training the soul in righteousness, we must educate the poor and give them a skill so they can be productive.  
  • Much of disease and body debility result from lifestyle, stress, and deficiencies.  The poor should be trained to prevent disease.  This should be a primary goal of rehabilitation and bringing health and independence to the poor, addicted, dependent, and victimized of the world.  An excellent goal of therapy is independence, health, and productivity, which in turn produces self worth and dignity.

3. What other issues would you address?


A. Energy:

  • Our dependence on foreign oil puts us in an extremely dependent position as an economy.  We should make a full scale research and development effort to bring solar/wind/hydrogen power generation and distribution to maturity and wide scale implementation. 
  • No new coal/oil/gas/nuclear electrical power generation facilities should be built.  Wind/Hydrogen generation can supply the fuel for steam/turbine electricity generation.  Likewise, high temperature fuel cells may be a good solution for medium demand (1 MegaWatt) size industrial loads. 
  • These new technologies may already be cost competitive, but given the importance of moving toward a Hydrogen Economy, tax incentives are a wise investment for government to initialize this new industry. 
  • Solar power is extremely plentiful, as illustrated by the fact that the amount of solar energy that falls on one square mile of land is 2.6 times the amount of energy that was produced by the Trojan Nuclear Plant.  The cost of installing solar photovoltaic power generation could soon be $1000/kilowatt, which is equivalent to the cost of building a nuclear or coal fired plant.  The advantage of Solar over conventional fuels is that after installation there is no fuel cost and little operational or maintenance cost.
  • Wind power combined with Hydrogen appears to be the most viable Alternative-Renewable power option.  There are vast wind resources available throughout the States.  Wind power is reliable and inexpensive.  It generates its peak output during times of peak demand, e.g. during daylight and early evening hours. 
  • When wind power is coupled with water electrolysis and the production of Hydrogen, all the elements are present for a new Hydrogen economy.  Wind power generation is a mature, low tech, proven, and reliable energy generation strategy.  Electrolysis is likewise mature and capable of producing an infinitely renewable supply of Hydrogen for combustion in transportation and fuel cell generation of electricity.  Note: There are no carbon dioxide/greenhouse gas emissions with this scenario. 
  • Hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis from ground water at sites local to the wind power generators.  Hydrogen can then be liquefied locally, and shipped by tanker truck to hydrogen fueling stations throughout the local region.  This scenario enables gas stations to retain their function and utility as refueling sites. 
  • Automakers and mechanics can retrofit gasoline internal combustion cars for using liquid or pressurized hydrogen.
  • Tax incentives for conversion should encourage consumers to switch to hydrogen.  The advantage will be the reduction and eventual elimination of our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Once the infrastructure for production of solar/wind/hydrogen technologies is established, this same manufacturing base can be used to export wind and solar power generation capacity overseas for Nation-Building investments

B. Nation Building:

  • We can begin to contract with willing undeveloped Third World countries to establish an infrastructure with solar/wind/hydrogen as the energy base of their economy.
  • Exporting the products for infrastructure development and Nation Building will almost certainly balance our 500 billion dollar per year trade deficit. 
  • The Nation Building projects will be financed by investors expecting a return on the investment from taxes generated by the new economy once it matures. 
  • This Nation Building project will be a type of giving to the poor.  We will be expecting a return on our investment, but this venture contains a huge element of service, faith and care for the poor of this world. 
  • Nation Building will require the installation of far more infrastructure than just energy.  But, the technology and manufacturing base for all the needed elements of infrastructure for an entire country is available from America.
  • Since this project is being financed to benefit America, I would pass legislation requiring America be the place of manufacture of these goods and services needed for the infrastructure establishment.  If the employment picture of America became so robust that it was difficult to meet the demand, then I would consider outsourcing.  But, the best solution is that we simply expand our productive capacity, massively automate, and become much more productive per employee.  Automation, is the ultimate goal for most of our economy. 
  • There is no value in humans doing work that could be done by a machine.  It is time that we stop worshipping work and recognize that the purpose of work is productivity.  When the amount of production is sufficiently high, and the number of workers is small due to automation, we can transition to a more personal service oriented economy.  But, until that time, much work needs to be done.  Many nations and people need goods and services simply to rise to the level of subsistence and comfort.  America, while being a land of plenty, still has deficiencies for many people on many levels. 
  • The poor of the inner city in this nation need help bringing themselves out of poverty.  Most of the homeless are drug addicted.  For them a spiritual renewal, and a program to help them process the emptiness and pain of their life would be most helpful.  While the personality and spiritual problems are being addressed, they can begin to learn a trade through a retraining program.  The process of engaging in productive labor, contributing, and giving back to the world is very healing.  Again, the foundation of a successful life is character.  Learning the basics of living a righteous life while being productive is an intervention that could bring them out of poverty and addiction and into the middle class.

4. Describe the conduct of your own campaign. Who are your campaign consultants? Will you promise not to use push polling and negative or misleading ads, phone calls and fliers?

  • I am running a word of mouth/networking campaign.  I speak my positions at various engagements, media, and personal contacts.  I have a very extensive website which the voters can access to understand and examine my positions.  I attempt to respond to the correspondence that people send me.  And, I am in the Oregon Voter’s pamphlet, as well as numerous other special interest voter's guides. 
  • I do not believe it is necessary to use negative campaigning tactics.  Speaking the truth about my position in comparison to my opponent's position is a fair and honorable method of conducting a campaign.  I believe character is important.  To the extent that character is an issue, a relevant personal trait which influences my opponent's stand on issues, such would be an objective piece of data for a campaign.  I foresee no such issues being at the forefront of relevancy.  I expect to run an issues oriented campaign.  I would expect my opponent to do the same. 

5. What is the budget for your campaign? (Please be specific instead of saying, "whatever it takes.")

  • I am relying on the enthusiasm and interest of those people who resonate with my message.  I am accepting contributions to promote my candidacy.  I believe my position on reversing the erroneous ruling about Separation of Church and State will have a great resonance with the voters and many people will want to support me in this fight.  Likewise, I believe the holistic solution I have proposed for solving the health, education, defense, energy, welfare, employment, ecology issues will strike a resonance in the hearts of the voters. 

6. As a federal lawmaker, how will you address the changing demographics of Oregon and the nation?

  • Regarding immigration: I expect people who come to this country should get an education.  Everyone who is able bodied should learn a trade to serve in the society.  Every person that wishes to be a citizen should learn to speak English.   Legal immigrants who pay taxes, will help offset the costs of Social Security and Medicare, that we have lost due to the destruction of 44 million aborted babies.
  • Regarding the aging of the population: The smaller population following the Baby Boomer generation will be tasked with supporting a large retired population.  This problem can only be solved by increasing the productivity of the economy.  The program of Nation Building will provide additional tax revenue within our country, when we are fully employed.  We will eventually be able to utilize the return on our investments in other nations, within about a decade of infrastructure development.  This return on investment will help supply adequate goods and services to supply the needs of those who are no longer productive. .  
  • Note: This increase in productivity will be required to prevent the very real and unpleasant specter of euthanasia of the old and infirmed.  Such a scenario is possible given that the Baby Boomer generation advocated Abortion and cultural changes that did not honor the sanctity of life.  Call it reaping what we sowed, or call it Karma, in either case, we owe a debt to God and those murdered children.  We must repent of this national sin which was based on an idolatry of choice, economics, and convenience.  We have usurped the place and authority of God in matters of life and in our cultural choices.  Such a grave violation will not go unpunished unless there is true contrition.  If we are sincere in our repentance, and we are charitable in our support of the poor of this world, heeding the great commission, we may be spared a further holocaust.  

7. Do you agree with the U.S. military action in Iraq and President Bush's handling of the war on terrorism? Why or why not?

  • Yes, I believe President Bush has done the world a great service by eliminating the Taliban and Sadam.  We have removed, or at least blunted, a focal point of dedicated evil.  While force does not solve the problem curatively, it has reduced the virility and concentration of the infection.  As victors and as conquerors, we should exercise our rights to veto the re-installation of repressive Islamic regimes when their economies and governments are rebuilt.  Women’s rights, education, freedom of religion must be part of any nation-building effort.  We should engage in preaching the Gospel to these nations.  It is the great commission of Christianity, to go into all nations, preaching the Good News.  We are a Christian Nation, and we must not shirk from our responsibility as missionaries.
  • Being realistic, fighting religious fanatics who have no respect for their own lives, or the lives of their own people, requires drastic measures.  In the uprisings against the American forces, such as in Fallujah, there should be no mercy and no tolerance of rebellion.  Anyone who engages in rebel activity, and anyone who supports the rebels, should be handled with maximum and decisive force.  These people have shown that they do not respect negotiation and charity.  They are committed to their cause to the death, and consider compassion a sign of weakness.  Such an enemy can only be dealt with by law and force.  We are a Christian nation and we have come to expect grace over law.  But, it appears that this brand of Islamic culture has little understanding of or respect for grace.  As such, the only cure for the spiritual disease which has overtaken their hearts is force.  When their wild passions have been subdued, they can be taught the message of Christian charity and grace.  By a miraculous work of God, their hearts may be softened by hearing another way.  It is possible they could be exposed to the giver of grace, be rehabilitated, and re-enter the company of civilized nations.  Until that time, they are our mortal enemies and we must deal with them without compassion, assured in our souls that our cause is just and blessed by the True God.  We must be equally sure of our convictions, be willing to execute the law based on their transgressions and their unwillingness to repent.
  • To the uninitiated, this may sound like two world religions, each declaring their own righteousness before God, hence there appears to be no difference between the two.  But in fact there is a difference.  The Islamic Jihadist is proselytizing at the point of the sword, killing all the infidels who stand in the way of world domination of Islam.  On the other hand, the Christian soldier is forced to kill the Jihadist in defense, to prevent him from overtaking the Christian's territory and life.  The Jihadist is demanding conversion to their god.  The Christian is inviting, sharing, offering a way of redemption and grace.  The Christian is willing to allow the Muslim to live in his nation and in our nation, as long as he/she respects property and life.  The jihadist has shown himself to be a mortal enemy to all who profess a religion other than his (especially the Jew and Christian).  This is a war we cannot afford to ignore.  Islam is at the heart of the terrorist threat, and we cannot afford to ignore the obvious connection. There may be a majority of moderate Muslims who are committed to the Christian principles of witnessing and winning hearts by persuasion.  But, there is at least a significant remnant who have taken their scriptures literally, and are using the sword to dominate every culture and religion in the name of Islam.  We must engage in active opposition to the Islamic Jihadist threat.  I support President Bush in his efforts to remove terror from this world, but  I would be even stronger in my prosecution of those who oppose us.
  • Solution: Possibly if we were to engage in the Nation Building project as described above, and we were to be successful in bringing a number of nations to prosperity, then the more moderate Islamic countries would invite us to help them come out of their poverty.  In fact, since much of the Islamic wealth comes from oil, and if we went to wind/solar/biomass economy, then their oil wealth would be worthless.  As such, they may be more willing to compromise.  
  • Such an effort would probably require the resources of a coalition of nations.  Possibly those nations who had become productive would then be able and willing to export their own production to benefit and initialize the economy of another struggling nation.  Again, the factor which is the most critical in determining success of the nation building project is Christian Character.  Thus, for a nation to be a candidate for a Nation Building loan, I would withhold entering into a Nation Building contract until they were willing to be open to missionaries coming into their land to teach their people.

8. State your view of the Patriot Act. Should it be continued, ended, or revised? Why?

  • It is important to monitor the activities of potential subversives, enemies, or terrorists who may seek to do us harm.  The Patriot Act has elements of a Big-Brother program, and as such it can be used to protect, and it can be used to subjugate and control a people.  Monitoring of the activities of a people is not inherently evil.  But to control a nation to insure political correctness or to eliminate political opponents by the use of surveillance and enforcement can be a strong form of tyranny.  The character and intent of those in government is our only indication of whether a powerful tool such as data collection and surveillance will be misused.  When the government overtly considers and embraces Christian principles, and is willing to stand in front of the people, courts, and governments and declare its allegiance to the principles of Jesus, I will feel more confident that the Patriot Act will not be misused. 

9. What should be the federal role in public education? Do you support the “No Child Left Behind” Act?

  • I believe the best way to educate children is through methods that produce excellent results.  The "No Child Left Behind" program monitors educational outcome using abstract markers of  academic performance.  While this may be effective on some level, the fact is that as people we are complex multidimensional creatures.  As such, judging an educational method based on teaching methods that produce well disciplined, enthusiastic, self-motivated students is better.  As a nation we should support a program to identify which teaching methods produce this kind of student engagement.  Different methods probably work best for different student populations, but such a study could identify categories of methodologies that could produce good student results.
  • Another element of education which has been shunned is teaching the basics of Christianity, and Christian character in schools.  Ultimately the character of the youth is the character of the nation, and upon that character lies the future of the nation.  For a generation, we have avoided including Christianity in the school system because the Supreme Court has ruled that it violates the Separation of Church and State.  As validated throughout our website, this principle is a non-Constitutional principle.  The Founders intended that Christianity be included in education and government.  The fact that Christian texts such as the Bible, the McGuffey Reader, and the New England Primer were the standard texts utilized in our country until the early 1900's is a testament to that intent. 
  • As a society, I believe it is good to teach Biblical Christianity as Truth in the early childhood years.  And then as the child grows, we should begin to inform him/her that there are other belief and behavior system options available in life.  Being aware and educated about the breadth of human culture prepares children for adulthood.  The Truth of Christianity will continue to survive as long as the human heart is exposed to its precepts.  It will prevail and society will prosper when the society openly embraces it as Truth.  When we make a moral choice, some options are closed.  The question is whether we can be a free society, and still embrace Christianity.  Christianity served as the source of our freedom for the first 300 years of the history of the nation.  In fact, the Founders believed that God was the only source of freedom and liberty, and that if a people rejected Christian principles, that liberty and freedom would soon be lost.
  • Other issues which must be addressed in the school system are: drug use, sexual purity and fidelity, marital relationship skills, and personal transformation.  While these topics are non-academic, they are no less academic than the current system which teaches tolerance, choice, and sexual license.  If we wish to continue to hold freedom as our highest ideal, then we should at least include educating students about each belief system and its consequences.
  • Thus, as a Federal candidate, I propose allowing the States to choose to include a broad based Christian education in the Schools, where the fullness of the options of life are examined.  I believe such an education will truly leave no child behind.

10. What should Congress do to help Oregon's economy improve?

  • My plan will help the economies of all states, the nation, and the world.  We should first reestablish ourselves as a nation of manufacturing might.  Research and development of solar and wind power generation and hydrogen fuel cell technologies are essential to improving our economic outlook. 
  • Tax incentives may be adequate to attract investors and the current Oil/Power/Nuclear companies to invest in Solar/Wind/Hydrogen and offset whatever temporary advantage fossil fuel and nuclear power may have.
  • President Bush proposed a Hydrogen Initiative in his 2002 State of the Union address.  This project has served to move us toward thinking about Hydrogen as a fuel, and has given our manufacturing base an opportunity to move toward incorporating Hydrogen as an element of energy commerce.
  • A more direct, and profitable path to economic prosperity and energy independence is for our national leadership to embrace wind/solar/hydrogen technology.  If as a nation, we clearly embrace and invest in this energy of the future, it will open up the need for a new manufacturing base.  Oregon should be home for its fair share of this new industry. 

11. Assign the current congress and president an A-F grade for their handling of the federal budget and explain your grading:

  • I would give the Congress & President a B-.  I believe the tax cuts have been successful in helping the US Economy recover from the recession that had begun at the end of the Clinton era, and was made precipitously worse by 9/11.
  • I believe there is more that can be done to improve the economy, as mentioned above.  I do not believe it is healthy for the Federal Deficit to rise or to have a negative balance of trade.  The bankers who are financing our lifestyle, may some day call in the debt, and we may find ourselves in an unenviable situation. 
  • Ultimately increased productivity, increased tax revenue, and a stable budget will solve our debt and balance of trade problem. 

12. What separates you from your opponent? Why should the public vote for you?

  • I am an openly Christian man.  My goal is to employ Christian principles to bring about the best solutions for the good of the nation, promoting a Godly, well organized, and free society, as envisioned by the Founders.
  • I have a broad background in life experience which has prepared me well to look at old problems with a new perspective. 
  • I truly believe that bringing Godly principles back to every area of public life will change our nation.  The blessings of God can return, and we can again enjoy the fruits of the liberty afforded to those who are dedicated to right thought, right action, and right speech as dictated by Biblical principle.

13. Some people say that Congress has become increasingly partisan and divided, with less mutual respect and cooperation among members. Do you agree with that assessment? Why or why not? How would you fit into that mix?

  • I have my own views of issues.  I will side with whoever states the position I consider most Godly.  I do not believe there is any advantage to taking a party stand if it is not a Godly stand.  I believe the Republican Party is much more likely to stand for Godly principles, but in general the concept of Godliness in Government has become anathema.  Church and State separation has been the altar we have worshipped at ever more steadily since 1947.  It is now time to take back our country.  I pray that the Democrats will see the righteousness of this evaluation and support a bipartisan return to overt Christian Godliness expressed in Government.

14. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing board/organization or had an ethics violation filed against you? If so, please give the details.

  • No.

15. Give an example of how you have worked in a collaborative, bipartisan manner to achieve positive change:

  • I have written to my professional community about issues of concern to me and spoken plainly about the need to interpret our law in a correct manner.  I believe straight communication about issues is the most productive method of resolving differences and coming to a compromise solution. 
  • I do not support bipartisanship for it own sake.  The purpose of discussion is to arrive at a workable solution given the needs and restrictions.  Compromise and bipartisanship should be engaged only to the extent that the outcome coincides with righteousness.  I am willing to listen to and understand anyone’s point of view, but if I am unconvinced of the accuracy of their viewpoint, I will not accept it nor support it.

16. What is one question that you wish we would ask your opponent(s)?

  • Do you support Congress passing a bill to reverse the 1947 Everson v. Board of Education ruling?  Do you support returning to the 1892 Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States declaration of the Supreme Court which stated overtly “We are a Christian Nation?”  Note: this case cited 87 historical precedents in government, history, and culture which validated this conclusion.;

For more complete answers to many of these questions:

See www.doctorsenator.com


Thank you for your time. We appreciate receiving your response by the 9a.m. March 29 deadline.


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