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  Position Statement to Supporters  



Dear Friends, Supporters, and Patients:


As you may have noticed in your Voter’s Pamphlet, I am running for US Senate on the Republican ticket.  The Primary is May 18th, and I would of course appreciate your vote.  But, before you give me your support, you need to know my stand on some of the issues. 


You may ask, why am I running for the US Senate?  Why not a local office first?  The reason is because my issues and visions are national and global in scope. 


As a naturopathic Physician and Christian Counselor, I see the importance of considering the whole organism, the interrelationship between systems, and the influence of right conduct on health.  In the course of my work I have seen the health of my patients impacted by the moral, economic, and educational climate of the nation.  As such, I have been intensely involved in considering solutions to the problems of poverty and social morality for the past 20 years.


After much study, I have come to the conclusion that our Founders intended that this be a Christian Nation.  Our history since that time, and the miraculous favor given to our country, substantiate this hypothesis.  It is clear to the casual societal observer that we as a nation are moving rapidly away from our roots as a Christian Nation.  The Supreme Court appears to be leading the society away from any expression of Faith by delivering punishment to all who would bring Christian expression into the public life.  I believe this is wrong, and must be opposed.  The Supreme Court has stolen our nation and given it to unbelievers. 

Upon examination, I have identified the point in our history where we turned from the faith of our Forefathers.  In 1947 the Supreme Court ruled in Everson v. Board of Education that the Constitution had erected a wall of separation between Church and State.  In practical terms, this translated to forbidding Christian influence in everything funded by taxpayer dollars.  The effect was to legislate the Christian God out of every aspect of public life.  Such a ruling is entirely unConstitutional.  The Founders were committed to creating a nation where non-denominational Christianity and Public government were wedded.  This was evidenced by the fact that they themselves had church services in the Congressional Chambers.  One of the first acts of Congress included paying a missionary to bring the gospel to the Kaskaskia Indians.  The Supreme Court of 1892 in The Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States declared that we are a Christian Nation.  The House and Senate Judiciary Committees in 1853 and 1854 both returned reports after a lengthy investigation, concluding that we are a Christian Nation. 

Therefore, the First Plank in my platform, is my commitment to submitting a bill to the Senate to Reverse Everson.  The concept of separation of Church and State must be returned to its original intent, which was to prevent the Government from establishing a national religion or otherwise interfering with the free practice of religion.  


A Second Plank in my platform is to return our economy to prosperity.  Currently we are outsourcing our manufacturing base because of the cost differential associated with producing goods and service overseas Vs. domestically.  A great amount of this uncompetitive price differential is due to a principle called “Reverse Tariffs.”  We are placing an added cost burden by legislation on those manufacturing goods and services here in the USA that is not being applied equally to those producing goods and services overseas, e.g. pollution standards, minimum wage, OSHA, EPA, worker’s Comp, healthcare insurance…  These are all requirements placed on business by law.  Thus, if we as a society care for the dignity and quality of life of workers in the USA, then we should likewise demand similar treatment of those overseas.  Otherwise, those who are affected by the potential loss of jobs should be given the opportunity to work without the benefit of these required burdens.  This must be rectified.


A Third Plank in my platform is “Energy.”  As a nation we are dependent on foreign oil for over 50% of our consumption.  Given the world’s instability, we could at any time find ourselves subject to petro-blackmail.  It is time to free ourselves from this potential economic nightmare scenario.  We now have the perfect opportunity to convert our economy to a solar/wind/hydrogen economy.  We currently spend $100 billion dollars a year on foreign oil.  This simply contributes to our balance of trade deficit of $500 billion/year.  If we make a concerted effort to install a solar/wind energy generation infrastructure, we can completely remove ourselves from dependence on coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear.  This will put us as the leader in reducing greenhouse gases, which may be a cause of global warming.  Regardless of the environmental benefit, the independence from foreign oil and the potential expansion of available energy for production will enable industry to thrive.  The investment in our own infrastructure will be amortized by our own consumption in fuel and power.  Thus, private financing for this investment will be attracted and jobs will be created.


A Fourth Plank in my platform involves “Nation Building”.  This concept integrates the first 3 planks.  Our economy, while the strongest in the world, is underemployed as we have seen in Oregon.  An effective method of solving our economic problems is to expand our manufacturing base and employ workers to produce and export needed goods and services to the world.  The increased tax base from a fully employed workforce will better fund the social programs for the needy.

The world’s largest market is in the undeveloped countries, but they cannot produce and they cannot consume because they have little economic infrastructure.  With a resolved national will, and an eye for profits, we can build an economic infrastructure in every nation in the world.   Every nation could be producing and consuming like Japan, Korea, Germany, and the United States.  And all this economic activity could be done ecologically, with Wind/Solar/Biomass/Hydrogen energy generation technologies.

America can fund, produce, and install the energy & physical infrastructure for an undeveloped nation.  After establishing an economic infrastructure, the formerly undeveloped nation will have an environment where private enterprise can prosper.  Private investment will complete the job of nation building once the economic environment has been initialized.  Those who invest in the Nation Building enterprise will see that investment mature within a decade or two, and it will produce an excellent return on that investment.  As a caveat, only nations willing to embrace Biblical principles in their Constitution and law, property rights, contract law, and who will allow Christian missionaries to evangelize, teach, and preach should be given the privilege of engaging in the Nation Building program.  Given that investment risk is largely dependent upon the people, a nation unwilling to engage in these conditions would be a poor risk.

This Nation-Building & infrastructure development program will put America back to work.  It can be funded by the financial markets which will see the wisdom of expanding world production.  Nations do not need foreign aid, they need investment.

I am against abortion, euthanasia, cloning, and fetal stem cell research.
I am in favor of personal ownership of guns for self defense, homeland defense, and protection against the tyranny of an unrighteous government.
I am in favor of strong and decisive action in Iraq.  Rebellion of any form should be met with overwhelming and decisive force.  The Gospel should be taught in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We now have the technology and means to bring prosperity to the nation and world. And it’s time to take this nation back for God.

Thank you for your vote,

Remember to vote in the Primary Election, May 18th


Sincerely yours,

Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Candidate, US Senate (R)


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