Oregon Senatorial Race 2004,Oregon Senator
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Oregon League of Women's Voters Guide


Oregon League of Women’s Voters


Thomas Lee Abshier, ND

Candidate, US Senate, (R)




How do you propose to deal with the Federal Deficit?


Expand National Production.  Government partnership with industry in establishing a new Energy Economy.  Substantial R&D expenditures for developing economical: 1) Solar Collection Panels, 2) Fuel cells, 3) Hydrogen generation, storage, and distribution, 4) Hydrogen Automobiles, 5) Desalinization Plants.  These technologies will initiate new industries which will give private enterprise a new market & manufacturing base.  Tax incentives to make private investment profitable while the industry is young.  Jobs, production, and tax revenues will increase.


What changes, if any, would you support to make health care available and affordable for more Americans?


Freedom of choice in healthcare.  Incentives to encourage preventive lifestyle changes.  Improved medical savings account options and major medical coverage.  Anonymous web database reporting/tracking/analysis of all diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.  Information made available for doctors and patients.  Treatments efficacy indicated by long-term subjective and objective markers.


What do you consider to be the key foreign policy issues? What changes if any are needed on these key issues?


Implement Foreign Aid by building 3rd world countries’ infrastructure via Solar/Wind/Biomass Energy generation; Hydrogen/Fuel Cell transportation, and Solar-Desalinization of water.  Help establish agriculture, education, manufacturing, and communication infrastructure.  Foreign Aid given as a loan, with interest, repaid by the economy as it grows using the tools of production.  Local law should honor private ownership & contracts.






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