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  Problems & Threats  


The Problem: Threats Faced by America & Humanity:

  • America faces many threats.  We are the world’s leader.  Regardless of our desire for isolation and avoidance of involvement with the world’s problems, isolation is no longer possible.   As such, the solution to our problems requires a global perspective.  While it may be difficult to coerce multilateral action, unilateral leadership in the direction of right solution is possible.
    • Global Warming
      • Possibly from CO2 released from burning fossil fuels
        • Primarily oil burned for transportation
        • Primarily coal & natural gas for generation of electricity
    • Toxic Pollution
      • Pollution is possibly the cause of the dramatic rise in cancer and chronic disease
        • 1:1000 developed cancer in 1900; 1:3 develop cancer in 2004
        • Air pollution from power generation, transportation, industrial effluents
        • Radioactive waste from atomic testing and nuclear power generation
        • Water pollution from landfills, pesticide runoff, and sewage effluent
        • Food pollution: pesticide & herbicide residue, irradiated food, food additives
      • Pollution is possibly the cause of reduced fertility in some endangered species
    • Aquifer depletion
      • Midwest aquifer depletion due to heavy withdrawals for agriculture irrigation
    • Energy Dependence
      • America could experience crippling economic consequences if the OPEC nations cut off our flow of oil during a time of war.
      • The dependence of the transportation sector on imported oil is a significant national defense weakness.
      • The money we spend for foreign oil may be used to finance terrorist attacks against us
    • 3rd World discontent over wealth and income disparity
      • The 3rd world poverty can be due to a number of factors:
        • Lack of industrial base
        • Lack of natural resources
        • (or) natural resources but no skilled labor market
        • Unstable political/legal/commercial basis for investment & commerce
          • Government without laws protecting private ownership and contract
    • Exportation of jobs and manufacturing base
      • Tax/regulatory burdens making such moves profitable to industry
      • Unrestricted Trade (no tariffs)
        • One cause of offshore migration: NAFTA & GATT
        • Lower productivity and higher defect rate overseas makes domestic production more desirable
          • The combination of regulatory & tax burdens plus higher worker wages have made relocating manufacturing offshore necessary/more profitable.
    • Unregulated immigration
      • Unassimilated alien cultures, enclaves of ethnic minorities
      • Loss of national unity provided by a common language
      • Job opportunities not available in Mexico and extreme disparity in income
    • Terrorist Jihad
      • Allowing illegal immigration, porous borders
      • Allowing unmonitored aliens into the country with belief systems committed to destruction of our country


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