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Please complete this form and return it with a glossy color photograph no later than Monday, March 22, to: Voter Guide, c/o Politics Team, The Oregonian, 1320 S.W. Broadway, Portland OR 97221. You also can send it by fax to 503-294-4019 or by e-mail to kmcdonald@news.oregonian.com. If you do so, please remember to send a photograph by mail or e-mail attachment. E-mailed images, preferably color, should be .jpeg files of at least 200 dpi.


Biographical section

Name:  Dr. Thomas Lee Abshier                                 

Age (also include birth date): Age: 52, DOB: 7/10/1951          

City of residence: Portland


  • Naturopathic Physician & Christian Counselor, 15 years, since 1989


  • UCLA, BS Electrical Engineer, 1974
  • US Naval Nuclear Power School, 1975  
  • Naturopathic Physician, ND, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, 1987

Public service: Legislative Committee, Naturopathic Association

Spouse/name: Dr. Margo Diann Abshier

Number of children (and ages): none

Favorite way to unwind: Walking, writing, reading, travel, camping, home and computer repairs

What slogan would you write for Oregon?

A New ERA: Prosperity through Energy, Righteousness, & Accountability


Short-answer questions


(Please answer each question in no more than 50 words; longer responses will be edited)


Should President Bush's tax cuts be made permanent? Why or why not?


  • Yes.  Taxes concentrate resources for large group purchases.
  • Our society now supports many who cannot or do-not work.  Maintaining this support requires increased national & worldwide productivity. 
  • Solution: Massively export solar energy technology (jobs at home) to the developing world & raise everyone’s standard of living (increased production).


What, if anything, should be done to bring back the thousands of manufacturing jobs Oregon has lost since the recession?


  • Reduce excessive regulatory & tax burden.
  • R&D & deployment of Solar (renewable) technologies for energy generation.  Begin establishing a Solar-Hydrogen economy at the most rapid pace possible for transportation sector.
  • Given Oregon’s high tech-silicon infrastructure, promote Oregon as a center of manufacturing for this new technology.


Would you push the Bush administration to make any changes in how it has handled the postwar situation in Iraq? Why or why not?


  • America should use its influence as the liberator of Iraq to insure the free practice of religion without persecution.
  • As a nation, we will always be in danger living in a world with a people dedicated to our destruction.  Changing hearts is the only permanent solution.


How well do you think the No Child Left Behind education law has worked for Oregon? Would you try to change it? How?


  • Feedback and performance marker monitoring is good to monitor educational outcome. 
  • We should also study teachers, examine their methods, determine why they are effective, and then duplicate their excellence by modeling.
  • Discipline and teaching of Christian moral standards should be returned to the school.


With health care costs now 15 percent of the economy, and fewer people having health insurance, what would you do to control rising costs while trying to reduce the number of Oregonians without insurance?


  • Establish a national anonymous feedback system to track the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions (both Alternative & Conventional) Vs. cost. 
  • The drug paradigm of medicine is unbalanced.  Medicine should also include an emphasis on preventive medicine and nourishing strategies to body prevent genetic weakness and lifestyle induced disease.

Campaign Contacts for the Public:

Phone: 503-255-1999

Web site, e-mail or fax (choose one):  www.doctorsenator.com


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