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  Homosexual Marriage  

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The Spiritual & Social Consequences of Homosexuality & Homosexual Marriage

I oppose any legal acknowledgment of homosexual marriage or domestic partnership.  As a nation we should never support any public policy which clearly opposes God's Law.  Homosexuality is an addiction with the same spectrum of addictive hooks as any other addiction.  People feel a need for it,  justify it as not being harmful, and cannot stop without the power of God working in their lives.  I believe there is a spiritual component to homosexuality which pushes its victims, captives, and hostages to defend his/her position and enroll others.  As Christians we should be understanding, have compassion for their state, and we should support people in their efforts to escape this lifestyle.  But as a society we should never submit to the pressure of this very vocal group.  To sanction sin in our public law puts us in the position to experience significant negative society-wide spiritual repercussions. 
Those who defend homosexuality and homosexual marriage do so on a number of levels.  They argue that homosexuals are born that way, therefore they have rights just like any minority group that must be honored and defended.  Although, there is no evidence of the proposed homosexual "gene".  It is true that some homosexuals may have felt attracted to the same sex from a young age.  But having spoken to men & women who have overcome their homosexuality, I believe most homosexuals develop their particular attractions due to psychological processes.  Painful male-female relationships, unhealthy parent-child relationships, experimentation or victimization can imprint the psyche with a new pattern of attraction or behavior.  Likewise, choices made by an individual in response to the various life stressors can open up the heart to the spiritual forces which pressure the heart to act out in a homosexual lifestyle.  I believe most homosexuals are therefore able to respond to reparative therapy.  Various psychological and spiritual processes can help them reverse those desires; they can thereby come to a place where the temptation is no longer a driving and irresistible force in their lives.
Let us assume that a person is born with a psyche that is attracted automatically to the same sex, possibly due to a genetic error that resulted in a reversed sexual preference.  We know that these types of weaknesses and addictive tendencies can have a genetic basis, as seen in the predisposition to alcoholism.  Even so, many people who have inherited that tendency deliberately remain free of that inborn trap by simply avoiding alcohol consumption.  One never knows if one is susceptible to the various vices, thus it is best to simply never engage the temptation.  Complete avoidance of a temptation is easier than fighting against it after it turns into an addiction.  Additionally, it may be true that one type of addiction predisposes a person to other addictions.  Statistics indicate that various types of substance abuse are more prevalent in the homosexual community than in the general population.   
I believe the Bible provides clear guidance on the absolute standards for right human behavior in issues of sexuality.  We all have weaknesses in our character, susceptibilities to certain temptations more than others.  Does that mean that we are to indulge our own desires, no matter what they are, and  have no regard for how our actions will impact others?   No, God does not see it that way.  That is why He gave us His standards.  Thus, even though a person may believe they were born with a reversed sexual preference, that particular area of their life provides an opportunity to overcome the temptations of this world and to make the right choice to live out one's life righteously regardless of the difficulty.  That person can go through life pressing against those tendencies and attractions and become a stronger individual because of that effort.  The difficulty will be made easier by calling on the power and grace of God to help him/her overcome those temptations.  Such temptations are not substantially different than those felt by the man/woman who is tempted by adultery, alcohol, lust & pornography, drugs, excessive eating or spending.  Each of these temptations can be resisted and overcome.  Just because the flesh is strongly pulled by a desire does not give us justification to act out that passion.  Regardless of the passion, we must rightly divide the Word, clearly know what is right, and act in accordance with correct Biblical standards.
One additional complication used by the homosexual defenders is the occasional genetic expression of hermaphroditism (hermaphroditism: a condition where sexual identity is physically or genetically neither exclusively male nor female) in any of its variant forms.  Thus, the question of ambiguous sexual identity in a tiny minority is utilized to justify the choices of others who have clear genetic identities as men and women.  Societies should not make public policy decisions, and philosophical judgments on the basis of a few minority exceptions.  The exceptions should be examined in the context of their particular situation.  Rules should be made which govern the majority based on Biblical principles.  Exceptions are merely situations with more factors involved.  To solve an exception, we must examine the heart of Scripture and look for over-riding principles as it relates to the additional factors.  Problems of this sort are solved by examining the various principles involved, and then choosing the pre-eminent one as the governing principle. 
In the case of ambiguous sexual identity (hermaphroditism), either chromosomally, anatomically, or neurologically, the additional complicating factor is that there is conflicting evidence as to the sexual identity to which the person should maintain his/her fidelity.  Such cases are used to argue that sexuality is an indefinite concept therefore no standard of judgment should be made about any sexual expression.  But, such arguments are shallow.  The over-riding principle here is that we are called to righteousness and fidelity in our sexuality.  Simply choosing to live as a man or a woman, and staying true to that decision would be the easiest solution to this problem.  For those who needed more physical support to maintain their commitment to a single sexuality the solution would be to engage in a surgical-hormonal therapy.  Such an operation should be only engaged in the case of hermaphroditism.  Such an operation or hormonal treatment has no deep spiritual significance, it is merely an aid or support for the soul in their attempt to do his/her best to remain true to the fidelity of the chosen sex. 
I do not believe that simply having a sense of discomfort or desire to be the opposite sex is an adequate justification to engage in sexual transformation operations.  I believe such intervention should be reserved for those who are truly physically or genetically ambiguous.  Of course the struggle to maintain one's sexual fidelity as a man or woman is harder when the appropriate desire does not automatically accompany the physical form.  Again, this is the essence of the struggle.  We live with what we have been given, and we continue striving to overcome the obstacles by staying faithful to our commitment to turn away from the temptation.  That load is eased by the process of faith.  We carry our cross daily, but we continue to pray for Him to relieve the burden (which He may do).  Regardless of our relief or struggle, we are to stay strong and faithful to the end in spite of the temptations.
Homosexual Marriage defenders use the concept of love to justify such unions.  They argue that their love should be acknowledged because love is good.  They claim that homosexual unions are sanctified by love and commitment, just as these principles sanctify a heterosexual union.  Such arguments are plausible under a secular humanist system of judgment.  But in a Biblical framework, homosexuality cannot be given the same status as heterosexual marriage.  Friendship, companionship, love, and commitment, while they are virtues, they are not the highest spiritual-moral principles.  Obedience to God's Law and shunning the prohibited practice is the governing principle.  Such arguments have at their base the attempt to judge God.  The argument of "how could love be wrong" implies that God's prohibition against homosexuality was itself in error.  Either God's Word is True, or it is in error.  If true, then homosexuality is condemned in every scriptural reference.  Love is not a qualifier, their passion does not over-rule God's judgment.  Arguments declaring that God is unfair to judge heterosexual love as sanctified, and homosexual love as profane, will not prevail in that Final Court which judges men's souls.
The problem associated with human sexuality is that we are easily drawn to behaviors outside of the Godly prescription.  And, maintaining ourselves inside that boundary of Godly sexual behaviors and thoughts requires discipline and intent.  Sexuality is not an issue of rights.  We do not have the right to act as we wish.  If we have submitted to His Lordship, we are His children, subject to His righteous laws, and we are free to operate in the liberty of those constraints.  Such a life is joyous, prosperous and blessed, but it does not include acting out sexually in unrestrained manners.  There is a level of restriction we must embrace, and in turn we are given a great deal of liberty and its attendant rewards.  In the case of the homosexual and other rebels against God's law, he/she is outside of His family because of his/her willful disobedience to His rules.  We can choose to act independent of God, rebel against His Way, and refuse to submit.  But, ultimately the time of testing in this life will come, and we will be judged.  We all know in our hearts what is right.  When we willfully refuse to listen to that voice, we are given over to a depraved mind, desiring those things which are not holy.  Such a person may prosper in this wicked earth kingdom, but their prosperity will end one day.  I pray for repentance and redemption for all who rebel against the Way of the Almighty.
The governments that survive the longest and are the most prosperous are those that embrace the Judeo-Christian moral code as the basis of their civil government.  As a nation slips away from that Biblical standard, difficulties and disasters become more prevalent, as God tries to draw people back to Himself.  If ignored, He eventually extracts His Justice upon them, though He much prefers their repentance to destruction.  But God's Justice will not wait forever.  A time comes when the nation's cup of sin/iniquity is full.  A nation does not stand before God in the judgment as does a human soul.  Thus, the sin debt of a nation will be paid in full during the span of history.  For example, the hierarchy of Hitler's government was homosexual in its orientation.  They killed many Christians and Jews, because the Biblical world view was diametrically opposed to the Nazi world view.  The devastation of WWII had a huge effect on Germany and Eastern Europe.  And, just as they caged up Jews and Christians in concentration camps, so Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe were caged up for a generation by the Soviet block.  It is a fearful thing to fall under the judgment of a Righteous God.  As a nation, and as individuals, it is important to obey God's ways, and thereby choose life.  For to disobey Him will only bring upon us death and destruction.

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