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Founders on the First Amendment

Founders on Judicial Activism


The vast majority of the Founding Fathers were strong proponents of Christianity, both in their public and private lives.  Their advocacy of including the Christian Faith in the governmental process is well documented, as will be seen in the quotes taken from primary sources.  Much historical fiction has been generated in an attempt to disprove the fact of our Founders' faith in Jesus Christ, their Biblical worldview, and their desire to create a government with Him at the center.


Those who generate the fiction of their Deistic/non-Christian, secular belief system, appear to do so for the purpose of creating doubt about the spiritual allegiance of our Founding Fathers.  The enemies of truth are attempting to subvert the foundational Christian structure of our government.  They know that if the people can be convinced that the foundation of the Constitution was non-Christian, they can then take charge of the nation's direction. 


Unelected federal liberal judges have been legislating from the bench, usurping the authority of the Congress and President.  Liberals have even admitted that they could not foist their agenda on the American Public by passing laws.  So, liberals have hijacked the Constitution by appointing liberal judges who ignore the Constitution and the body of American case law, which are supposed to be the sources used to determine the legality of an issue.  Instead, they have quoted irrelevant and non-legal sources like contemporary psychologists or foreign law on which to base their decisions about American law. 


These actions are very different from the oath that governmental authorities take; to uphold the Constitution.  Nowhere in the Constitution is there any reference to "a right to privacy," or a "right" for a woman to destroy the life of her unborn child, or the "right" for a minority to commit sodomy, and thereby overrule the elected decision of the majority of Texans and Americans.  But, since 1947, the Supreme Court and Federal Courts have systematically stolen the rights of the American people to self determination.  The Courts have hijacked the right of the majority of Americans to determine the future of America and to sustain their Christian culture.  The Courts have given the rights of the majority away to every radical individual or group that would try to force America to accept their secular humanist and socialistic agenda.  And, that agenda is in direct opposition to the Christian world view of the founders, the majority of Americans, and the Constitution.


Public education has also been systematically hijacked utilizing secularized revisionist history and replacing the Christian Bible with situational ethics.  (The Bible had served as a staple of public education for over 200 years and quotes from it were included in American textbooks, like the McGuffey reader and the New England Primer that was used from 1690 through to the early twentieth century)  By so doing, the foundational role of Christian thought and philosophy has been depreciated as the basis upon which our Governmental policy and American culture rest. 


This two-pronged attack on American culture through the courts and public education has been very successful because Congress has been reluctant to impeach judges or challenge one of the largest unions in the nation, the National Education Association, the teachers' union.  Those who desire the destruction of our Christian heritage and history, do so for the purpose of opening a plausible argument that the American Constitution was based on a humanistic and pluralistic philosophy.  As such, the words of the Constitution have been reinterpreted to support non-Christian concepts under the false disguise of upholding Constitutional intent.


Understanding the faith of our Founding Fathers is of utmost significance.  As a people of law, we recognize the importance of remaining true to the spirit of the law upon which we base our social order.  The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the founding documents which represent the spirit from which all other governmental functions and legal principles flow.  A document is only words, but the spirit of the men who penned these words is the true fountainhead and embodiment of the fullness of the Constitution. It is clear that the source from which our Founding Fathers drew their inspiration was from God, from the Bible, and from their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


A ten-year research project conducted at the University of Houston from the 1970s to the early 80s, analyzed 15,000 original source political documents, written by the Founders between 1760 and 1805.  Researchers were probing for the origins of the quotations most utilized by the Founders.  They ascertained that the founders cited 3,154 quotations in those political writings. 


The individuals that they quoted most frequently were Montesquieu 8.3% of the quotes, Blackstone 7.9%, and John Locke 2.9%.  By far, the single largest source of their quotes was the Bible.  The Bible provided the inspiration for 34% of the founder's quotations in their political writings.  Additionally, those individuals most quoted utilized Biblical concepts in their writing.


For example: Montesquieu wrote: "Society, notwithstanding all its revolutions, must repose on principles that do not change."  "The Christian religion, which ordains that men should love each other, would without doubt have every nation blest with the best civil, the best political laws; because these, next to this religion, are the greatest good that men can give and receive."


Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law were the main source of legal education in America for two centuries and these volumes contain many Biblical quotes.


The spiritual roots of the Constitution are the God of the Bible, the Bible itself, and those basic and general principles of Christianity as taught by Jesus Christ.  The enemies of Truth were unable to combat a democratic republic of millions, all allied together by an invisible coalition as soldiers in the Army of God.  Therefore, they had to use a brain washing technique (also known as intimidation by political correctness) of telling us that everything we stand for, and everything we believe, is somehow morally reprehensible and is not "Constitutional."  


Evil people use trickery to persuade honest and moral men and women to willingly deny their Christian heritage.  They have used the tools of plausible fairness and rewritten history.  They claim the Founders were Deists, not Christian.  They claim the colonial religious atmosphere was full of denominational squabbles and excessive legalism.  They argue if the Founders had intended us to be a Christian nation, they would have included an overt statement of our national allegiance to Christianity in the Constitution.  Thus, the fact of this omission must be a statement of their intent to allow and embrace religious pluralism. 


The words of our Founding Fathers leave no doubt about the level of devotion and conviction they felt and lived in their relationship to their Christian faith.  In the context of the statements made about Christianity and government by the men who wrote the Constitution, it is only possible to conclude that they assumed that the general principles of Christianity were, and always would be, the predominant concepts by which our government would function.  The "establishment clause" of the first amendment referred to the prohibition of establishing any one Christian Denomination as a national, state sponsored religion. 


Many of the colonists had come to this country to flee the persecutions of the national, state ordained, denominations of European nations.  Their intention was that the whole body of scripture would be used as the basis of law and governmental debate.  The First Amendment was a directive to avoid any narrow, dogmatic denominational interpretations.  The admonition to consider the whole of the Christian Scriptures is a very clear theme in the Founder's writings.  It is in this refuge of the general principles of Christianity, and the "establishment clause," that we can all rest secure against the establishment of a theocratic tyranny.


Misinformation has been used to convince the people of God to willingly surrender their Christian birthright and the heritage of our nation and its government.  Examine the words and faith expressed in the writings and speeches of our Founding Fathers.  Recognize the spirit that flowed in the men that birthed our Constitution.  Rise up in your spirit and be proud to say to our detractors, "No.  This is a Christian Nation.  You cannot have it.  It belongs to the Lord and to the people of God."








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