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    • K-12 Schooling: Allow competition between public & charter/home schooling
      • The only standard worthy of supporting in education is efficacy.
      • Every child has a different need.  No child’s life or mind is unimportant. 
      • The child’s learning style should be identified and the program tailored to his/her needs. 
      • Bad behavior should be restrained. 
        • Consequences are important to model, apply, and embrace as part of the learning process. 
        • Consequences are an external tool to help motivate the child to change behaviors. 
        • Underlying causes should be identified and support given to rectify the irritating factors (e.g. home problems, medical problems, bad habits…) 
        • Positive rewards associated with learning, obedience, respect, teamwork, and exhibiting Christian relationship
    • Local autonomy
      • Local schools should be free to engage in any educational model deemed appropriate for their students.
      • The primary function of the National Department of Education should be to facilitate gathering data on program effectiveness, for analysis, and feedback.  While administration and guidance is important, the final and most important aspect of the school system is student education. 
      • Collected data should be stripped of personal identifying data.  Individual data should never be transmitted or made available through the database system.  Strict enforcement must be applied to security/privacy issues.
      • National data and analysis should be available to local administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the public for making curriculum and teaching method decisions.
      • Optimize educational outcomes by modeling excellence
    • Institute a strong program of Displaced Worker Retraining
      • An economy which values job security more than productivity becomes bloated with inefficient workers. 
        • The Labor Unions have functioned well as a worker advocacy groups.  But, Unions can become dysfunction when they care more for their own survival than the good of the larger whole. 
      • The purpose of work is production.  The goal of a job is the completion of the job.  When a job is complete, every worker should expect to relocate or retrain to engage in new production.
      • The cost of worker retraining should be included in payroll deductions.  Worker retraining should be available to every new or willing worker.  Job insecurity should be an obsolete concern.
      • Vocational training should be administered and delivered by a coalition of government and industry
      • The purpose of work is to live.  Work is a necessary and important part of life.  “If a man does not work, he should not eat.” 
        • There is a difference between sloth and studious and industrious pursuit of employment
        • A person who is willing to work, and is yet unable to find employment is equivalent to the person sincerely training for a needed position.  Society should support both. 
      • A pay differential is merited and appropriate based on level of training, scarcity of specialty, industry exhibited, effort expended, attitude, leadership, organizational ability, productivity, spirit, punctuality, talent, and/or creativity. 
        • Talent and effort should be acknowledged and rewarded
        • When rewarded it produces more of these valuable traits in the individual and society.
      • The rewards of full employment work should be adequate for subsistence but governed by industry. 
      • Work occupies a large portion of life.  Every industry/job-site should attempt to make the work environment as safe, pleasant, and rewarding as the economic and physical environment allows.
        • Governmental regulation of the intangibles of life can become an endless morass of lawsuit and defense.  The spirit and tenor of the nation should be one of Christian responsibility to one’s neighbor; treating an employee as one wishes to be treated.
        • Suits brought about such matters should be heard by a wise and Christian judge, one well versed and capable in the exercise of fairness, economics, and the spirit of the law.


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