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    • Continued R&D for advanced Military technology
    • Sufficient troops to support a two front war
    • Critical Defense Contracts filled by domestic labor & manufacturing
    • Maintain human assets & hi-tech intelligence capabilities proportional to the threat
    • No export of armaments to foreign countries with oppressive leaders and unGodly governments
    • Continue the War on Terror:
      •  Engage threats militarily where necessary 
      • Attempt to change the environment which fosters terrorism
    • Help bring a stable peace, government, and economy to Iraq
    • Bring new industry and agriculture to the Opium farmers of Afghanistan
    • When America goes to war, plants industry, or rebuilds an economy, we bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world
      • Christianity is not a religion that uses force to coerce belief.  Forcing belief is a foul, sharing a belief is the duty of a friend.
      • Unbelievers are attracted to the precepts of Christianity and its author by the life-witness of its followers
      • Christianity is a religion of peace, but those who wish to do harm violate the precept of honoring the Temple of God, the body/the human frame.  To not defend the body is to participate in the dishonoring of the Temple.  Life is a gift that God has entrusted to us, and protecting that gift is the equivalent of honoring God. 
      • The parable of turning the other cheek
      • Every soldier, aid worker, technician, & advisor is a missionary of the gospel, and an ambassador of America
      •  The best defense is to create nation-state friends and allies in righteousness 
      •  The best friend is a man/woman with a heart longing to live in accordance with the Godly relationship principles



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