Oregon Senatorial Race 2004,Oregon Senator
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  Correspondence & Commentary  

Patriotism: My War, a Satire about George W. Bush's National Guard Service:

The Moral Superiority of Christianity in Patterning Society: 4/21/2004

The Bible & Homosexuality: Smorgasbord Approach to the Bible & Christianity  4/23/2004

Free Trade, Reverse Tariffs, and Fair Trade, 4/25/2004

Pro Life Stands: 4/27/2004

NRA/2nd Amendment: 5/9/2004

Letter of Support: 5/12/2004

World Situation: A letter to my sons: 5/19/2004

Vice President Dick Cheney's Daughter: 10/14/2004

High Stakes: Kerry vs. Bush: 10/22/2004

Rebuttal of Garrison Keillor's Rebuke of the Republican Party: 10/23/2004

Genetically Modified Grass: Social Responsibility with Technology: 11/03/2004

Militant Islam's Attack on America and Christianity: Litany of Attacks, and the Political-Spiritual Implications: 11/25/2004

The Patriot Act: Multnomah County Board Challenges USA Patriot Act: 12/10/2004

The Moral Responsibility of the Military-Industrial-Governmental Complex: Medical Consequences of Attacking Iraq: 02/12/2005

The Iraq War & Aftermath: What are the facts?  2/15/2005

Abuses by Iraq Government: Where does the culpability lie? 3/01/2005

The Right to Privacy: John Gilmore Won't Show ID, Airlines Refuse to Allow Him to Travel: 3/02/2005

Imposing Capitalism on Iraq: Harpers, Iraq, Year Zero: 3/4/2005

The Right to Die Movement: The Justice System & Godliness: Letter to Governor Jeb Bush, re: Terri Schiavo: 3/29/2005

Freedom of Speech: NeoNazi Signs in Marion County -- A Sign of Moral Blindness: 04/05/2005

Freedom of the Press & Social Security: NYT editorial, "Shameless Photo-Op": A Shamless Lie about Social Security: 04/16/2005

Religion & Tyranny: Public Display of the 10 Commandments: The Founders Confront Judge Roy Moore: 05/30/2005

Bush, Roberts, Katrina, and Global Warming: 09/23/2005

Torture Alleged Common by Office and NCO's: 09/24/2005

Bush's Depression: A Vision for America: 9/28/2005

Harriet Meirs Nomination: The Supreme Court and Religion: 10/13/2005

Good vs. Evil: Part 1 -- Correspondence re: Harriet Meirs Nomination: 10/20/2005

Resist not Evil People: Part 2 -- Correspondence re: Harriet Meirs Nomination: 10/20/2005

Jesus' Position on the Place of War in Human Events: Part 3 -- Correspondence re: Harriet Meirs Nomination: 10/21/2005




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