Oregon Senatorial Race 2004,Oregon Senator
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Spiritual Authority of the Bible: 06/22/2005

Paradox and Truth: 06/24/2005

Legislating Sexuality: 06/25/2005

The Moralistic Nature of Christianity: 07/01/2005

The Validity of Biblical Text: 07/07/2005

Christianity as the Highest Religion: 08/20/2005

Politics and Christianity - The Culture War: 09/16/2005

Harriet Meirs Nomination: Christianity and the Supreme Court: 10/13/2005

Jesus and War: 10/20/2005

Resist not Evil: 10/21/2005

The Distinction Between Good and Evil: 10/22/2005

Sam Harris Book "The End of Faith": 12/20/2005

Prophesy as Prediction and Pattern: 03/01/2006

Is One Religion Superior to Another? 04/22/2006


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