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  Book Introduction  The Forces Struggling for America's Soul  

Secular & Christian Forces Battle
for America's Status as a Secular or Christian Nation

Thesis -- Spiritual Forces are Acting to Secularize
America: A contingent of liberal legislators, media, judges, special interest groups, and citizens support policies that would in effect replace America's Christian legal, social, and moral structure with a Secular Humanist order.  We see the brazen faith of the Secularists in their position to totally remove God from government, despite the fact that 70-95% of Americans believe in God.  Many Americans are convinced that the Constitution requires the government to separate Church and State totally.  The Secularists have taken the initiative, attacked the notion of a Nation with the Christian God at the center of its government, and called the Christian Nation a wrong and evil implementation of the Constitution.  The Christians have responded weakly, by defending their right to free speech rather than attacking the absolute error of the Secularist position.  No ground should be given to the Secularist.  We cannot win the culture war by defending a small piece of our property; we must campaign for a total, willing possession of the people's hearts.  As Christians, we must advance the notion that WE ARE A CHRISTIAN NATION.  We have won the war when this concept becomes commonly accepted at every level of society.  The Secularists argue that the founders intended us to be a Secular Nation on the faulty notion of "Separation of Church and State", but their declaration is totally false.  The Secularists are blinded by their allegiance to the concept of a God-free nation, and they believe that Christians are equally blind.  Agreement on the issue of God vs. no-God in government will never be reached since both sides are true believers in the eternal Truth of their perspective.  Thus, the moderate Christian, and the fervent Christian must unite in common belief that their vision for America is the most noble, true, and right; that a Christian Nation was the founders' true intention.  We will be victorious in creating a Christian Nation when the Christian community unites behind the truth that America was commission and authorized by God to raise the banner of Christ over America.  We humans are proxies and pawns that reflect the moves of the battle raging in the heavens.  Dark spiritual forces struggle to prevent God from establishing a mature manifestation of the Kingdom of God anywhere on earth.  Thus, America is at the heart of the struggle for Spiritual dominance of earth.  The unthinking drive of evil seeks to destroy any manifestation of Goodness; our allegiance to Christ as a nation threatens to permanently dethrone Satan from the hearts of men.  If a nation ever actually manifests an overt commitment to Christ, and show the unbelievable prosperity and righteous demeanor of the Saints of God, evil will no longer be able to use lies and distortion to defame the Saints of God, and all people will flock to worship the Lord in their own lands. 

A Liberal/Secular position on Government: The government should facilitate the incorporation of all cultural perspectives into society, giving respect to all, and preference to none.  The wealth of the nation should be used to support the medical, social, and material welfare of the poor.  Industry should serve the needs of the people, including providing respectable working conditions, adequate wages to provide for a comfortable life, and a secure retirement and medical program.  The environment should be retained in its original pristine condition to the maximum possible extent, disturbing the natural order only the minimum amount to allow man to function as part of the natural ecologic forces rather than as its master.  The government should follow the will of the people, rather than imposing its directives upon them.

A Conservative Position on Government:
The government should be limited, and allow market forces to dictate the expenditures for consumer goods, tools of production, and prices for all goods and services.  Taxes should be the absolute minimum amount, since the consumer/worker has the best idea of how to allocate his expenditures.  People have the right to carry guns to protect themselves, the right to worship where they want, to choose their national motto and governmental symbols.  People want government small, out of their business, locking up the bad guys, and stopping the illegal immigrants at the border. 

A Christian Nation Platform:
The Nation was founded by Christian men who intended to reflect the most perfect secular expression of Godly Christian principles.  All religions are allowed in America, but as a Christian Nation, we support the Great Commission, to spread the Gospel to all people, and the government serves as an agent of that commision.  As a Christian nation, all government sponsored institutions, e.g. military, judicial, educational, executive, legislative, administrative, and media, etc. use the patterns of Biblical morality to organize group and personal behavior, thought, and speech.  The Christian Nation uses all its tools (governmental, religious, social, resource, and intellectual) to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth.  The government of a Christian Nation nurtures the environment in supporting a Godly peace among men.  Government should use its power to collect funds for the purpose of purchasing goods and services which lend themselves poorly to private enterprise (e.g. defense, research, public works, standards, international relations, and facilitating inter-group communication).

  • Liberal Political Positions: held by some, that impugn the character of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party in general include:  
    • The Bush Administration is immoral because of the use of White Phosphorus at the battle of Fallujah, Depleted Uranium armor piercing rounds in the run to Baghdad, and degrading interrogation methods used at Abu Gharib.
    • The United States should withdraw from Iraq since it was invaded under intentionally deceptive circumstances.  There were no WMD's, there was no al Qaeda connection with Saddam, and there was no nuclear program.  In other words, "Bush lied, and people died".  Other deceptive motivations for the war in Iraq may have been:
      • A political payoff by Republicans to Big Business, e.g. so Halliburton could have the contracts for rebuilding Iraq.
      • To finish the grudge President GW Bush had against Saddam for the trying to kill his father, George HW Bush.
      • To protect the American interest in Iraqi oil (Blood for Oil), or to secure oil for China which needed it for its burgeoning economy.
      • To expand the American empire, the basic motivation of all wars, power, greed, territory.
      • To protect IsraelAmerica is beholden to the Jewish power brokers.
    • The Republicans are corrupt because they stole the election in 2000 by the decision of a partisan Supreme Court, and in 2004 by voter fraud in Ohio.
    • The Administration intentionally misrepresented the truth regarding South African Uranium ore, and retaliated against enemies such as Joe Wilson by disclosing that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA operative.
    • The Republicans are led by corrupt men such as Tom Delay, who used illegal contributions to influence the election.
    • The 911 commission was corrupt, and covered up the Able Danger information.
    • The Bush Administration wants to take Social Security benefits from the elderly, for business or the rich, under the guise of a “Crisis in Social Security.”  The Liberals claim no crisis exists in the SS system because the “Trust Fund” will last until 2042. 
      • Note: the Social Security website projects that the excess monies collected over disbursements will end in 2017.  That site discloses that there is no actual investment of SSI dollars in a dedicated security other than to call the money spent for other social programs a debt that will be repaid by the full faith and trust of the United States.  Thus, the Trust Fund dollars can only be paid to the Social Security recipients by collecting additional tax revenues.
    • The Patriot Act was already prepared prior to 911, and the Republicans wanted to impose it on people to increase its control on people.
    • The Bush family has a close relationship with the Saudi Royal Family, and gave them special treatment with regard to leaving the country when no other aircraft were flying after 911.
    • The Bush Administration wants to plunder the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWAR) for oil, for a solution that would provide little oil, and much environmental destruction.
    • The Bush Administration exports torture by the process of rendition, sending captured terrorists to other nations who do the torture for the Americans.
  • Values Positions held by at least a contingent of the Liberal Left:
    • Abortion is a fundamental right of choice reflecting a woman's right to control her own body.   Her sexual expression is a choice she makes, and she has the right to terminate a pregnancy if the child is unwanted for any reason.
    • Homosexual sodomy is a fundamental right because of the Constitutionally established Right to Privacy in the14th Amendment.
    • Parents have no fundamental right to guide their children's education.  The state has the right to teach children any chosen sex education curriculum without informing the parents..
    • Schools should encourage a child's exploration and discovery of his own sexual preference by educational exposure and encouraging experimentation.
    • Evolution is the only truly scientific perspective about man's origin.  Intelligent design taught as an alternate possibility to evolution is a violation of the "Separation of Church and State."
    • The “Separation of Church and State” concept validates removal of prayer, banning Bible reading in school, and the removal of historical reference to our Christian heritage in the public education system.
    • The liberal judges have declared that the Constitutional framers intended a high wall of separation between church and state, and prohibition of public fund support of Christian education.
    • The same "Separation" arguments are now being used to challenge the Constitutionality of including "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance, and "In God We Trust" on our nation's money.
    • They claim that "Separation" likewise demands that religious symbols be removed from public property.  Examples of such items include: The 10 Commandments monument in the Supreme Court rotunda in Georgia and the Cross on the City Seal in Los Angeles.  Currently under litigation are the removal of the Cross on a mountain near San Diego, and the crosses on the City Seal in Las Cruces New Mexico.
    • A rising concept regarding the "right to life" is that human life may be terminated when a person has not attainted personhood prior to birth, and when a person loses personhood by virtue of illness, age, or injury.  In the case of Terri Schaivo, the right to enforce euthanasia was given to her unfaithful husband (a man who had 2 children to another woman while still married to his disabled wife).  Her life was denied to her in the face of parents who were dedicated to continuing to nourish and give her the minimum necessary life support.  The courts would not refer to the higher law of God and human compassion even though the circumstances of the husband's care and motivation were under question.
  • Vision of a Political-Economic Manifestation within the Christian Nation:  In the world governed by true Christian principles, we can see a glimpse of the millennial world of prosperity that is available to a Godly people.  We are cursed as a nation as long as we allow the upper echelon of government and business to manipulate the flow of taxes and commerce to benefit the few.  For example, when Big Pharmaceutical companies can buy products that could cure, and do not produce them because it interferes with profit margins, we suffer as a nation.  When Big Oil and Big Motors form coalitions that slow the introduction of new technology which would reduce our dependence on Fossil Fuel,
    • A Christian Position on Government and Economy: What would Jesus do?  How would He organize the government and economy of the nations?  Reading through the Gospel of Luke, it is clear that Jesus did not advocate a purely capitalistic, individualistic economy.  Such a teaching on its surface may seem troubling since a cursory analysis of history shows that a communal approach to a nation's economy produces poor results.  In the Gospels, Jesus stated to a rich man that he should sell everything he owned, give it to the poor and follow Him.  When the man was unable to do so, He noted that it is hard for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  But, such a story cannot be generalized to say that Jesus intended that every man in all societies who follow Him should live without property or money.  The Bible clearly exalts the wisdom of hard work and the reward it brings.  Rewarding individual effort produces both individual and societal wealth because of the strong motivating force associated with such rewards.  Thus, Jesus taught more about altruism than wealth because selfishness and greed come automatically.  Jesus' teaching encourages us to moderate our inherent drives for wealth, ease, power, and sensual satisfaction.  Compliance with that goal requires us to properly balance the pull of excessive wealth and fear of survival and poverty.  The challenges of wealth teach us humility as we serve others, and faith in the Lord's provision while we work diligently and skillfully.  We learn to place work and money in its proper balance between too little and too much.  The balance of these competing forces produces a mature Christian man, a man of character, fully developed in the Way of the Lord.  Giving exalts a man, but only when that giving takes place in the context of freedom; the choice to violate God's rules and pursue selfish satisfaction is the prequisite condition to sainthood.  And extending the metaphor, we can achieve peace and prosperity as a nation when we comply with the Godly standard of boundaries on all levels -- interpersonal, government-business-citizen, and international.  Prosperity follows the nation which sacrifices today for a bountiful harvest tomorrow; in the industrial age, we must plant to the seeds of capital tools, the machine tools which produce goods and mechanized service.  When those tools reach maturity, the output gives the diligent servant bountiful harvest.  Such is the essence of wise investment; the moral and capital infrastructure lie at the foundation of a society's economy and peaceful communities.  When we have intelligence, machines, and proper relationship, we can multiply our efforts and produce the desired harvest.  As we begin to properly utilize the virtually limitless energy from the Sun, add to it the ingenuity of engineers and labor of workers and managers, we can solve the problems of scarcity, pollution, and overpopulation.  But, until we have proper relationship between men, our internal personal and cultural battles will deplete our creative and productive energy, leaving us poor and slaves of nature and man's toxic residues.  We must Submit to God and His Way, serve our fellow men with our hearts and minds, and our collaborative efforts will yeild the proverbial horn of plenty from the once hard and barren earth.
    • Protect the environment:  Cease fossil fuel consumption as soon as possible.  Stop the air pollution due to combustion.  Whether global warming is a true phenomenon or not, the quality of life is diminished by breathing air polluted by combustion products.  At the very least, we humans must someday overcome our dependence on oil; it is a limited resource, a finite amount exists, regardless of the total quantity.  Fossil fuel consumption should be eliminated as soon as possible.
    • Convert to a hydrogen economy:  Government should be a leader, it should inspire the masses to engage in the temporary sacrifice necessary for the time and energy it takes to convert to wind, photovoltaic, fuel cell, and etc. to become economically viable.  Create an expectation that industry will serve humanity.  The forces of economy, scarcity, and desire are not fast enough to produce rapid turning from our present day addiction to oil, convenience, low prices, luxury, and ease.
    • Solar Power: All energy used on earth ultimately comes from the sun (except possibly nuclear power – which came from a previous sun in a super nova explosion long ago).  Thus, extraction of energy directly from the sun provides the least loss.  Approximately 1 Megawatt of power falls on a square mile of the earth’s surface, which is the equivalent of the output of a typical nuclear plant. 
    • Energy and the Environment: With sufficient energy, we could process industrial and municipal waste products prior to disposal or reuse.  Solid, liquid and gaseous emissions from autos, sewage, and manufacturing could be returned to their constituent elements.  Carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen from organic materials could be recycled back into nature.  While the variety of metals recovered could be channeled back into various industrial processes.  When energy is cheap and available, the cost of effluent scrubbing can be included in the cost of all products.
    • Desalination: Water desalination, via energy intensive conversion of seawater, pumping fresh water to the deserts and inland cities.  
    •  Missionaries to Islam: Spread the gospel to the Muslim world.  Bring the technologies of modern America to the Arab world.  Let them see the glories that can come from the water, the reduction of pollution, etc. 
    • Wealth, Greed, and Survival: Money is not evil, it only tempts people to sloth and/or theft (i.e. by stealing, gambling, or inheriting money, we can ask for service without serving anyone else).  Money is a standard of exchange representing the value produced for others; it indicates that I have served, produced value, and met other’s needs.  Money symbolizes past service and gives the right to ask for an equal quantity/quality of service.  Money stores the value of my past service and it provides an incentive for others to serve and meet a need.  The current world economic paradigm relies upon on greed, deception, and service to motivate production and consumption.  The world currently threatens us with strong scarcity (poverty) through unemployment.  Thus, people value work/employment highly because of its scarcity.  Consumption must be pressured through deceptive and/or seductive advertisement.  Competition for consumption drives the reduction of manufacturing costs, which includes: lowering wages benefits, and working conditions; minimizing environmental protection expenses; and engineering material specs to meet only the minimum acceptable use-stresses.  Marketing in turn pitches the product, giving it a plausibly high appearance of value; they push the limits of “freedom of speech”; and push the edge of legislation that regulates fraudulent claims.  Workers give only the minimum effort, and consumers pay only the minimum, expecting reduced prices.  This macro-economic system produces the lowest acceptable quality products to meet the needs of a society where the majority either fear for their survival or are possessed by the driving force of greed.
    • Giving as a new Economic Paradigm: The communistic paradigm of each according to his means, and each according to his needs, has proven to be a failure in terms of motivating production.  Thus, any system of motivation that does not come from within, and reward personal effort will probably fail.  I believe every person, if given a chance to excel and produce at the highest level possible would do so if he were properly rewarded for his effort.  Currently the differential in wealth is so great that it is hard to justify that differential on the basis of skill.  Instead, extreme wealth often comes because of an artificial compensation.  The CEO who makes a 1000 times the assembly line worker cannot be justified on the basis of productivity.  Such differentials of wealth and productivity are the industrial age equivalent of the Feudal Lord and peasant relationship.  Such disparities will continue to exist until productivity reaches the point where work is in demand, survival is assured, and luxurious consumption is the reward for excellence in service.  The goal should be massive exports of production capacity to the poor countries, along with preaching the gospel.  During the time of ramping up world production, we should minimize personal consumption, and maximize the amount of production of the tools of production for domestic use and export.  Labor should be a scarce commodity.  Consumption may be delayed, but compensation should be given.  In other words, productivity without consumption equals savings.  We should be a nation of hard workers, we should save our money.  Our production should be the equivalent of a wartime economy, focused on producing the tools of production, and bringing the world up to a standard of living equivalent to America.  And, this will only be possible when we mobilize to produce machines that produce machines, and when we have converted our economy to a Solar-Energy based system.  As the cost of energy flattens to a predictable modest minimum, the addition of all the productive capacity to produce goods will
    • Government Regulation of the Economy: Government should supply the coordinating guidance to the economy to keep it functioning at a high level.  Rather than passing laws, Government should pass information to the people and inspire action; for example, when new manufacturing capacity is needed for power generation, government could be invited as a coordinating resource.  Such a presence should not be for the purpose of dictating policy, but rather for facilitation of information and negotiation.  Industry discussions and plans for the economy should be totally open to the public and competitors.  The drive for the economy should be service and giving, rather than greed and personal consumption.  By producing, and giving by helping others be prosperous and productive, we will in turn reap huge rewards of consumptive availability.  As the world comes into wealth equilibrium, the issue of survival will diminish to insignificance; and the driving needs for consumption will dwindle.  Instead each man may find that more esthetic and subtle needs arise to engage in arts, relationship, and personal development.  Such is the promise of a world where human work can be leveraged by machines and the essentially limitless power available from the Sun.  The only real barrier between here and that millennial world is the work, sacrifice, and cooperation between men who hold that common dream.
    • Land Reclamation: Toxic waste sites blight the earth, agricultural and industrial runoffs pollute underground reservoirs and food crops.  Large amounts of energy are needed to clean the toxic debris from landfills, oceans, and underground aquifers.  Chemical and metallic waste has been cast aside without proper processing for decades to centuries.  Our first step should be to stop the further degradation of the environmental quality by processing all industrial and municipal wastes; every effluent should be broken down to its harmless elemental minimum before being recycled into the environment or used as feedstock for production.
    • Re-Mineralization: The farmland has been depleted by decades of mono-crop farming with only Potassium and Nitrate soil replenishment.  Such fertilizers produce crops, but without the minerals to actually provide foods with high nutritional content and taste.  Pesticides are thus needed to prevent insects from consuming the crops; and herbicides are required to prevent opportunistic plants from competing with the desired cash crop.  Grinding up volcanic rock and spreading it over the soil will provide the needed remineralization.  The cost of such an intervention can be passed on to the consumer; and in a world where production is high and income is adequate for survival and meeting needs well, then people will follow the priorities of life such as health promotion and disease prevention. Government and industry should ally together in creating a demand, a social expectation of highly nutritious foods and healthy lifestyle.
    • Co-farming: By growing complementary crops in close proximity, it is possible to produce pesticide and herbicide-free, high-yield acreage. 
    • Arid to Arable Land Conversion: Water is required to convert marginal land into arable land.  The edges of the desert area are the most amenable to the creation of new micro-climates.  With the availability of large amounts of inexpensive solar energy, ocean desalination, pumping, and irrigation can nourish the cover crops that begin the process of holding moisture, adding organic matter, and providing an environment for microbiological colonization of the soil.  The ecology of a fertile land depends on water, sun, minerals, nutrients, carbon dioxide, micro-organisms, and seed.  By sequencing the process properly, and providing the necessary elements in proper quantity, the deserts can bloom.  But, as usual, the limiting factors in such projects are the willingness of men to ally together, do the work, and make the sacrifices necessary to actually manifest the goal.
    • Full Employment: When America decides that she wants to create prosperity, all the necessary technological conditions are in place, it is only a matter of group commitment.  Large labor requirements will be necessary to create the energy, transportation, production, education, and resource infrastructure.  To manifest this dream will require sacrifice, people must save, which means they must delay consumption, which means that labor and productive resources can be diverted to this massive project.  The initial war-time type economy will not last forever, but it will lay the foundation for an era of full employment, prosperity, and peace.  But, such a grandiose vision cannot be well realized unless the moral state of the people is likewise addressed.  The Christian character of the nation must be emphasized, the service, diligence, temperance, and brotherly love involved in working as individuals, but for community benefit can only truly be executed by a people who actually love their neighbor as self.  The establishment of this infrastructure will require a large initial capital investment, but it should produce a good long term return on investment in Stocks and Bonds to produce a harvest of crops, energy, and water.  If we fully dedicate ourselves to this enterprise, if we unify our nation around this Godly goal, we will likewise attract foreign capital to fund this project.  If reasonably, realistically, and widely promoted the world will see the huge profitability this project will produce in terms of goods and services in the long term.  In essence, every economy is following the path of the desert that blooms; a hard and dry environment blooms because of the transformation of the microclimate into a self sustaining ecology that produces a fruitful harvest.  Over time, the fruit of the harvest will pay off the principle and interest of the loans that support the people who work to establish this energy-water, agricultural, industrial complex.
    • Preventive and Longevity Oriented Health Care: The government and medical industry should team together to promoting truly preventive care and longevity enhancing lifestyles.  The creation of an energy-rich economy should enable sufficient resources for every person to receive an adequate wage to buy good food, reparative therapies, and emergency services.  The medical system should devote the majority of its resources to enhancing the quality of life and restoring function.  The pharmaceutical paradigm has produced dependency rather than being used as a stopgap measure to maintain life while the deficient body system is repaired.  Such a prevention and restoration oriented Health Care System should include the integrative, functional medicine approach of Naturopathic Medicine.

I shall leave the examination of the facts of the political accusations to others who specialize in the study of the details of such issues.  I recommend the book Dis-Information by Minter to those who would like to see that each story has two sides.  Certainly, as a Christian Nation, we wish to conduct all the affairs of state in the Godliest manner, and if there has been moral turpitude, it should not be overlooked or given a pass because the Republicans/Bush Administration has been somewhat supportive of the Christian social agenda.  Even in a nation where the dominant Spiritual paradigm is Christian, there will be disagreement as to the most moral approach to handling secular social issues.  Before we cast the judgment of moral depravity, we should have a full understanding of the facts and reasoning used by the opposing side. 

It appears that the Left has used innuendo to create the appearance of corruption.  The Left presents itself as a great melting pot, as the big tent under which all the downtrodden can ally and build a majority alliance.  There appears to be no unifying center to the groups which support the Left, other than possibly the political method being used by the Democratic Left is to impugn corruption and incompetence.  The Secular Humanists (the vast Left-Wing Conspiracy) are rewriting American history and teaching a new moral code by which to justify such behaviors as abortion, homosexuality, and euthanasia.  The enforced secularization of the educational system is thus able to reshape the American moral landscape and convince the next generation that the pursuits of such unGodly pleasure is their right.

But, America has the right to choose the spiritual allegiance at the basis of its social, legal, judicial system.  Every spirit wishes to overtake the nation and its people.  It appears that the intent of the liberal cabal is to secularize America.  The liberal philosophy of "It takes a village to raise a child," has been used to authorize the State to educate our children and teach them values contrary to their parents and God.  The liberals are attempting to take possession of the minds of the children.

The education establishment plays an important piece in the process of secularizing America.  But, for their plan to succeed, the majority of the people must support the removal of the faith of our Christian Founders.  The judges justify this activism on the basis of the unConstitutional principle of "Separation of Church and State".

As a government founded on Christian principles, as a nation populated by a Christian majority, and as a government of, by, and for the people, we have the right to use Christian principles to guide our legislative, judicial, and social system.  As Christians, our moral base provides the template to create the most righteous and prosperous society.  The Christian moral system coincides with the foundational laws upon which God designed the universe.  And, as citizens, we should choose representatives committed to Godliness in their public and private lives.

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