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  A New Era  

My campaign slogan is: "A New ERA for America"
The acronym ERA stands for: Energy, Righteousness, & Accountability

  • Energy: The world economy and engines of industry can be powered by a virtually unlimited amount of solar-hydrogen energy.  A more prosperous and productive world will continue to manifest as the nations increase their mechanized manufacturing base.  Wind power has already proven to be cost competitive with natural gas power generation.  Hydrogen is a storage form of energy produced by water electrolysis.
  • There are two projects that should be done to create a prosperous future: 1) Install a new solar-hydrogen energy infrastructure in America, 2) Engage in massive exports of energy generators and other infrastructure equipment for Nation Building.  To engage in this effort will require some short term sacrifice.  By our work and sacrifice we will be engaging in the true "War on Terror and Poverty."  The fastest way to win this war is to mobilize to a War Economy and divert the tools of production from consumer goods to manufacturing energy generators and the elements of a country's economic infrastructure. 
  • Mobilizing to a war economy is an extreme measure, and may not be essential at this time.  But, at the very least we must discipline ourselves to save money as opposed to our current habit of excessive consumerism.  This burden should be light, and this short term sacrifice should enable us to divert the needed resources toward installing a new manufacturing and energy base.  This will in turn allow us to export the required energy generators and peripheral infrastructure to build nations.  
  • We must resist the seduction of dependence on the old established industries of coal, oil, and nuclear.  These industries emit harmful pollutants, and their supply will eventually be exhausted.  We could simply wait until they near exhaustion.  By waiting, the choice will be made clear by both cost and supply.  Alternative fuels at that time will be more economical.  But, in that scenario, we will simply delay the golden age of energy and massive mechanization of production.  If we engage in the short term sacrifice associated with investing in the tools of production and installing a new energy infrastructure for American and the world, we will reap a joyous harvest for our labor.
  • The second of the two giant industrialization projects is the program of 3rd world infrastructure installation and Nation Building.  This program is akin to the Lend Lease Marshall plan after WWII.  We can export wind/solar/hydrogen energy generation equipment along with the other elements of a national infrastructure.  Once an infrastructure begins to emerge, private industry will move in to capitalize on the market and the productive environment.  I would recommend that we only support those nations that are committed to allowing missionaries, Christian principles in their government, and honor contracts, property rights, and human rights.  I believe that investing in people who are dedicated to Christ and Christian principles will yield a good return on investment.
  • Righteousness: I stand for returning the consideration of Biblical principles and non-denominational Christianity back into government. The First Amendment was established to prevent the establishment of a Theocracy in America.  The Founders gave us an object lesson of what they considered to be the proper posture between government and the Church.  We were established as a Christian nation, and we should restore our Christian heritage in government, media, and in the classroom.  There should be no government mandated creed or code of orthodoxy.  There should be no Christian denomination established to which people pay taxes, nor a religion for which membership is required.  But still, other non-Christian religions and worldviews should not be given equal weight in the legislature, judiciary, and executive decisions.  The fullness of the Biblical canon should be honored as the highest revealed message from God, and it is the responsibility of our leaders and society to continue to struggle to manifest the spirit of the Bible.  I believe economic prosperity is intimately connected to elevating the national character.  I believe we must educate our children to be moral and Godly citizens to insure our lineage of Godliness and prosperity.  Legislating from a Christian perspective insures righteous and fair regulation of the marketplace and creates a bright social climate which engenders productivity and enthusiasm. 
  • Accountability: I see a future society that is aware of its internal state, and adjusts its course upon recognizing its mistakes and successes.  Such synergy within a system requires a deep internal communication and cooperation among the component parts of the society . To create this ultimate valuable outcome, the media, internet, government, education, industry, and individuals must all participate.  Every sector of society should be open to revealing its internal processes.  Source data should be anonymous, but various forms of validation should be used to insure the quality of collected and submitted information.  Monitoring societal parameters for quality control purposes can be useful for manifesting societal goals.  But, we all know that societal monitoring can be abused by those addicted to power, who love control, or live in fear.  Abuses in an information based economy and society are possible.  The best insurance against abuse is internal self control and personal accountability before God.  Ultimately all our actions are seen and known.  The concept of private, anonymous, and hidden is a comfortable illusion we entertain as humans.  Privacy is a gift, one that has the responsibility of Godliness.  Privacy is most secure when then nation is populated by a people who each stand personally naked and accountable before God for their actions.  Those who attempt to hide their violation of Godliness must be exposed.  Society cannot tolerate unGodliness.  Those who violate God's laws put the privilege of privacy in jeopardy for self and society.  Accountability is required for self and societal regulation.  The society which helps the individual in his/her development of Godly individual and social character is wise and prosperity will follow.  It is our duty as brothers and sisters in the Lord to act as surrogates in accountability before God as we prepare for eternity. 

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