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Good Afternoon, Ladies men, fellow Candidates, and honored guests:

My name is Doctor Thomas Abshier; and I am a Republican candidate for the US Senate.

I thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my vision for our nation and the State of Oregon.

Why I am qualified to be your next Senator?
Life has given me an extremely broad education and prepared me well to serve:
My first interest was in Electrical Power.
Later I earned a degree in medicine.
My life experience has taught me theology, counseling, law, and politics.
I went to UCLA and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering.
I continued my training at the Naval Nuclear Power School as an officer in the US Navy.
I then served on board a nuclear Submarine, the USS Sam Houston.
I have worked for Mobil Oil and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
I have been exposed to many religions, jobs, cultures, and life experiences in my 52 years.

I attended the Naturopathic College here in Portland, and for the last 15 years I have engaged a dual practice as a Naturopathic Physician and as a Christian Counselor. As a counselor I have focused on restoring broken marriages.

Please visit my website: doctorsenator.com, for a more full elaboration of my vision for Oregon and the Nation.

The current situation of our country could be summarized as follows:

As a nation we have been trying to divide up the total productive output of goods and services produced by the American economy to meet the needs of: 1) the working class, 2) the government, 3) the military, and 4) the unfortunate and needy

The problem is that the current national economic production is too small a pie to fill the stomachs of all the needy and worthy recipients. We can’t solve this problem by legislating how big a slice each group gets. Someone will still feel hungry or cheated at the end of the meal. We can’t just change the size of the slices.  We need a bigger pie.

In other words, we need to increase the output of America’s economic engine. We need to somehow be more productive. With the same number of people we need to produce more goods and services.

My solution can be summarized in the phrase, “A New ERA”.  ERA is an acronym for "Energy, Righteousness, and Accountability".

We can solve our problems with enough ENERGY,
In a RIGHTEOUS Society,
Where everyone is ACCOUNTABLE to each other and God.

Energy is the key to production. With enough energy, human intelligence, and focused effort, we can produce enough machines, to make enough goods, to supply all of our basic needs.  We now live in a world with the possibility of sufficient clean energy to power machines without number.  There is no structural or technological reason for poverty and joblessness.  We have not focused our efforts at truly solving the basic problems of economics.

The problem:

– The problem is that we are greedy and undirected.  

The Solution:

To solve the problem, we must look outside of our country and see the pain and poverty.  We must sacrifice our pleasure and comfort for a season.  We must lead the way in producing the machines that supply the energy generating capacity for the world.  We must be willing to let go of our own current security in oil, nuclear, coal and replace them with clean solar technologies such as photovoltaic cells, wind, biomass, and hydrogen.

By selling bonds to support the installation of our own Energy Solar/Wind Power & Hydrogen manufacturing base, we can begin to supply the world with energy.  Our own investments will pay for the salaries of those who build the manufacturing base and the generators of Solar & Wind power and Hydrogen production.  We will engage in a lend/lease program like the WW II Marshall plan that pulled Japan and Germany out of their state of devastation.  This same strategy can be used to pull the poorest of nations out of their poverty and into the age of plenty.

But, to bring a nation from poverty to prosperity requires a people of character.  Thus, integral to America investing in establishing the infrastructure of a new nation, we must implant the values, morals, character of Christ in the people of the nation.  We must openly teach the Gospel, offering it to whoever will receive.  The businesses and industries established in this new country must be righteous to be worthy of our investment.  They must be trustworthy to repay the debt by their hard work. 

This will resolve the problem of jobs and the domestic economy, but it will not solve the problem of moral decay at home.

We must Reverse Everson to return God to our Country.  In 1947 the Supreme Court engaged us in a successful legal coup.  This tiny band of oligarchs declared that the previous 160 years of historical participation of Christianity in Education, Government, and public life was unconstitutional.  They were wrong then, and they are wrong today.  Congress must pass a bill to Reverse Everson v. Board of Education.  We are a Christian Nation as ruled by the Supreme Court in 1892, and by the Senate and House Judiciary Committees in 1853 and 1854.  Unless the constitution has been rewritten, and we the people have agreed to that rewriting, we are still a Christian Nation.

After we reverse Everson, all the other "non-Constitutional" rulings based on Everson can then be challenged and overturned. Judges who refuse to recognize the Christian and constitutional basis of the participation of Christianity in the affairs of State are worthy of impeachment.  When we return to our Christian Heritage, teach our children the word of God, bring them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, we will see the birth of the Righteous Society and the attendant fruits of God’s blessing.

In Summary:

– I am committed to returning our nation to its proper status as One Nation under God.

– I am committed to reversing Everson, & eliminating the unconstitutional complete separation of Church and State.

– I am committed to returning prayer and bible reading to the schools.

– I am committed to life and passing legislation to protect the unborn. Abortion should be an option used only to protect the life of the mother, such as in ectopic pregnancy.

– I am committed to creating excellence in education by modeling excellent results.

– I am in favor of retraining America to work in its new industries. I believe we should invest in our human resources. Our schools should be excellent and available to every person needing a job.

– I support the use of military force to remove a terrorist threat wherever it exits, much as we must remove a virulent virus to keep it from destroying the body.  But, the first and most important cure is proper nourishment of the world-body.  We must feed the hungry, give to the less fortunate and our gift will return back 30, 60, and 100 fold.  The key to our prosperity is our willingness to give.  We must delay our own personal consumption, and invest in a new effort to bring material & spiritual wealth to every corner of the planet. For this effort we will be rewarded with jobs, prosperity, and peace.

To bring this vision to reality, we must first decide that we are committed to replacing our dependence on oil/coal/nuclear with solar, wind, or biomass energy generation capacity.  We must sacrifice for a time while we invest in nation building.  And, we must be willing restrict the export of our solar energy manufacturing base until we are fully employed.

As a nation, we stand on the brink of a New ERA.

– We can choose to walk down the slope of Godless self indulgence of our passions.  Or we can choose to be a nation of God fearing, God worshiping, temperate, patient, kind, loving and holy citizens.

– On the horizon is a new ERA.  I am willing to lead you toward that vision I see so clearly.  But I can’t do it alone.  It depends on your willingness to participate in building a dream.  It depends on your faith that there is a God, and that He rewards righteousness.

– I thank you for your attention.  I thank you for coming alongside me as we go forward in changing the world, and I thank you for voting for me to lead you into that New ERA.


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