Oregon Senatorial Race 2004,Oregon Senator
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Dr. Thomas Lee Abshier
(Former) Candidate for US Senate (R), Oregon
 Primary Election -- May 18th 2004
Primary Election Results: 50,311 Votes 
(Tied for second place with 22% in a field of 6 candidates)

The goal: returning our nation to Godly rule under the Lordship of Jesus Christ
The method: Influencing the US Senate & American culture by argument and reason for Godliness 

Website & contents authored by: Thomas Lee Abshier, ND
A Statesman, not a Politician

Please Pray for A New ERA for America
 Prosperity through Energy, Righteousness, and Accountability


Freedom is the Reward for Godliness
Serve your God and Country through Daily Personal Righteousness
Preach the Good News of Christ to the Whole World, to People of all Faiths
Militant Islam is a Threat to Life & Liberty Everywhere

  • Pro-Life
    Ban Abortion except when mother's life is actually endangered (e.g. Ectopic Pregnancy)
    Carrying a child/life once conceived is a Service to God -- not just an inconvenience or a choice
    Oppose Euthanasia, Fetal Stem Cell Research, and Human Cloning
  • Oppose Homosexual Marriage
    Support for Defense of Marriage Amendments (State & Federal)
  • Stop Judicial Activism
    Support for the Constitution Restoration Act of 2004, HR 3799
    A Bill removing the Supreme Court's jurisdiction to rule on Constitutional issues pertaining to God

  • Introduce a Senate Bill to Reverse Everson v. Board of Education (1947 Supreme Court Ruling)
    Everson introduced the concept of "the Separation of Church and State"
    This concept was historically unknown & opposite to the intention of the Founders
    Return to America's Foundation as a Christian Nation
    Christian Principles applied in the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and Administrative Branches of Government
  • Pollution-Free Energy -- Solar, Wind, and Biomass
    Independence from foreign oil through Hydrogen-based transportation systems 
    Hydrogen produced from water electrolysis using Solar & Wind generated electricity
    Note: Wind power is currently cost competitive with Natural Gas & price stable @ 4-6 cents/kWh
  • Jobs at Home, Investment in the Godly Countries, and Prosperity through Nation Building
    Overcome world poverty by investment in 3rd World Infrastructure Development 
    Nation Building through Missions, Energy, and Industrialization
  • Water Crisis -- Midwest Aquifer Depletion & Southwest Drought
    R&D and implementation of Solar-Desalinization Technologies
  • Environmental Stewardship & Ecosystem Maintenance:
    Recycling, Clean Energy, Co-Farming, Habitat protection, Desert reclamation, & Proper Forest Management
    Balance between Nature Preservation & Human Needs -- Nature is God's Gift to Man, it Must be Respected
    Proper Compensation by Government for Appropriated Land
  • Healthcare Cost Containment:
    Medical Efficacy Evaluation of Alternative & Conventional Medical Treatment
    National "Outcome-Feedback System"
    Medical Cost Reductions through Preventive Lifestyle Incentives
    Discretionary Medical Savings Accounts to Access Alternative Care
  • Support for the Second Amendment right to bear arms
  • Education: K-12 -- Model Excellence
    Non-denominational Godly Precept Instruction -- The Foundation of Education
     Choice & Competition in Education (Public, Charter, & Home Schools)
    Displaced Worker Retraining: Work as Service -- Training enables Productivity
    Jobs for Today & Education throughout a Lifetime


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